The “Journey of Initial Heart” red map was released in Beijing to create 5 “Red Experience Routes”

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China News Service, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Du Yan) Today, 29 red spots including the former residence of Li Dazhao, Taoranting Compassion Temple, and the former site of the Beijing News Pavilion, are red maps of the “Journey to the Heart”, and The five experience routes of Spreading Fire, Patriotic Awakening, Newspaper Pioneer, Red School, and Former Residence Pursuit were officially announced. Behind each red point is a revolutionary story worth remembering, allowing cycling enthusiasts and people to follow multiple routes. The experience of the red line draws spiritual nourishment and forward strength from the party’s centuries of struggle.

The “Journey of Initial Heart” red map was released in Beijing to create 5 “Red Experience Routes”


p >Beijing is the center of the New Culture Movement, the source of the May Fourth Movement, the main battlefield for the early spread of Marxism in China, and one of the main breeding grounds of the Communist Party of China. This formed the group of former sites of the early Beijing revolutionary activities of the Communist Party of China. The Communist Party has a unique position, unique contribution, and unique value in the history of the founding of the Communist Party. Among them, many sites for revolutionary activities, such as the former residence of Li Dazhao in Beijing, the former residence of Beijing Newspaper Museum (the former residence of Shao Piaoping) and other important party history figures, and important meeting places such as Taoranting Mercy Temple, are located in Xicheng District, Beijing.

Today, the “Journey of the First Mind” red map release ceremony and the “riding to red landmarks” new era civilization practice activity was held in Xicheng District, Beijing. The reporter learned that the Xicheng District of Beijing has deeply excavated the representative red historical sites and revolutionary sites that can be tested, and selected 29 red spots to compile the red map of the “Journey to the First Heart” in Xicheng District of Beijing.

Opening the red map of the “Journey of Initial Mind” released this time, the spatial distribution of the red spots such as Taoranting Compassion Temple, Beijing Newspaper Museum, Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School, Beijing Li Dazhao’s former residence, etc. are all shown in Fangcun Between, at a glance. Behind every red point is a revolutionary story worth remembering.

The reporter learned that each site has set up different experience links according to its own characteristics, such as flower offerings and immersive exhibition experience in Li Dazhao’s former residence, and added explanations for young audiences. Exhibits first-class cultural relics in the collection, which is also the quintessence of Li Dazhao’s historical thoughts-“History”, especially the silent video of Li Dazhao played in the special exhibition hall is high-definition restoration. This video is only 8 seconds of Li Dazhao’s survival. video material.

The former site of the Beijing Newspaper Museum was the place where the legendary newspaperman and revolutionary Shao Piaoping ran newspapers and lived. The exhibition “Beijing News and Beijing Newspaper Museum” set up here shows the workplaces of Shao Piaoping and Wu Dingjiu in a scene restoration. Watching the “Hundred Years of Red Newspapers” exhibition, you can understand the development history of journalism under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. “Shao Piaoping’s Life and Deeds” focuses on the life and deeds of Shao Piaoping in founding the “Beijing News”, spreading Marxism-Leninism, and training journalists.

Beijing Xicheng District will connect these red points into a line and beaded into a chain, launching five experience lines, including the road to spread the fire, the patriotic awakening, the newspaper pioneer, the red school, and the search for the former residence. Today, the curator of Li Dazhao’s former residence, the teacher of Lu Xun Middle School, the representative of Beijing Daily, the instructor of the Yucai School team, and the grandson of Shao Piaoping jointly lit up 5 experience routes in Xicheng District. In the future, the public can experience the party’s centuries-old struggle first-hand through such forms as tours, immersive experiences, in-depth explanations, and story expressions.

Today, representatives of party members and cadres of the Central Propaganda Department and party members and cadres of various streets in Xicheng jointly formed a team of “Red Map Navigators”, leading cycling enthusiasts and people along multiple red routes for learning experience . At the last stop of the riding activity-the Red Wall Party Education Base, 10 agencies and units of the Central Propaganda Department presented the “I Do Practical Volunteer Service Package for the Masses” to the paired civilized practice centers, which started including theoretical lectures and voluntary services. , Visits and condolences, cultural assistance 4 main areas, a total of more than 50 “I do practical things for the masses” civilized practice volunteer service projects. (End)