The most advanced way of living in life:silly, honest, laugh, empty, and content

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First word:silly

Lao Tzu said:”Is my stupid heart also true? Chaos and chaos.”

People with great wisdom find it difficult for ordinary people to understand their words and deeds, and some even say that they are extremely stupid.

The children themselves are relatively withdrawn and look stupid.

The rich made fun of him and put 1 yuan and 10 Throw the money on the ground and said:If you find it, it’s yours.

The kid found that there was only 1 yuan, and the rich man said with a smile He is so stupid, he doesn’t know how much.

The town uploads news, many people come to prove that they throw money Is he really stupid, but he always picks up dollars, and rich people laugh every time.

An old granny sympathizes with him and tells him :”Silly boy, next time you get a big ticket, that one is equivalent to ten small tickets.”

The child smiled and said:”Grandma, of course I know, but if I find 10 yuan, no one will throw the money to me in the future, they will not be happy.”

This child is William HenryHarrison, United StatesThe ninth president.

Pretend to be stupid when appropriate, sometimes it’s another Kind of China wisdom.

As the saying goes:stupid on the outside, stupid on the inside; stupid on the outside , With a clear heart and very smart.

True smart people seem to be painful on the surface, But the heart is as clear as a mirror.

“Clever” is too tired, stupid but very happy .

What’s the matter,See through, but don’t tell Students them; some people, see through, do not expose.

Stupid people are born stupid and easy Can play stupid.

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Second word:Honest

No matter who you associate with, you need integrity.

Honesty is not only a virtue, but also a kind of respect and wealth.

Huainanzi” once wrote:

“Words must be believed, fraud must be deceived, and the world’s benevolence and justice are also.”

If you don’t want to make friends for a lifetime, it’sSincere Friends, sincerity is the only reliable weapon.

If there is no honesty, there will be no real friends , It’s a bit sad to be mixed in the false world.

Deception is like nailing a nail in a tree. The nails can be removed, but the marks are always there.

In life, before you Before the other party makes a promise, you must think about whether our own company can really do it.

If you can, if you believe it, do it; if No, no matter how good it is, I have to refuse.

If you can, if you believe it, do it; if No, no matter how good it is, I have to refuse.

It takes many years to make a sincere friend; if you If you want to ruin a relationship, one cheating is enough.

It’s easy to meet, but hard to know yourself.

If you don’t want to make our sincere friends, Honesty is always the first in China.

As in Mr. Tao Xingzhi said:

“There is only one heart, no half of the grass”

When making friends, as long as you are sincere and practical, why don’t others applaud when you are frustrated, and no one listens when you are frustrated?

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Third word:laugh

Tagore said:”When you are a When smiling, the world loves him; when he smiles, the world fears him.”

In all likelihood, when life is unsatisfactory, learn to please yourself and make a bad lifeInteresting.


p data-track=”40″>Su Shi is such a person:< /p>

In this life, he has experienced a lot of darkness and enjoyed less moonlight .

The family is unfortunate, Mother, Wife, father, son, left him one by one.

If your career is not going well, you will either be demoted or in On the way to demotion, few can lead a stable life.

But when people talk about him, they think” Interesting” Su Dongbo.

All creatures are suffering.

make yourself interesting and smile at everything . No matter how much sand you have under your feet, you can still walk easily and smoothly.

I really like that we can say something like this:

“Life is like a mirror, when you smile , It will laugh; when you cry, it will cry”

There are too many annoying things in the world, no matter how loud you shout, it’s not worth the power of a smile.

A smile on yourself is to please yourself;


Smiling to others is to be friendly to others.

No matter how difficult life is, learn to live with a smile, even if The thunder rumbling in the first second will be clear in the next second.

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Fourth word:empty

Empty is a person’s highest ideal state.

I read a sentence:”If a person does not With an empty cup mentality, every step he takes is backwards”

What is the empty cup mentality?

You will not be complacent because of temporary success, I will not worry about the trivial things in the past, and constantly surpass myself with a clear mind.

Let go of students’ own mentality, that is, let yourself have Greater room for improvement and development.

Each of us is like a cup.

Otherwise it will only make the water in the original cup smelly be rejected.

As the saying goes, you can keep renewing if you empty yourself at the right time Yourself.

When you are very proud of yourself, you can work together Toast to celebrate, but don’t go everywhere show off;

When you are depressed, you can reflect on yourself, but don’t immerse yourself in pain.

Bai Yansong once said:

“Learn to zero, let bad things affect the future, and let good things confuse the present.”

All issues are constantly updated, and our thinking is no exception.

Try to let go and change the habitual thinking of the past, Meet a different self.

When you break the stereotype, absorb the new When you are nourished, keep your mind empty and everything will become interesting.

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The fifth word:Rong

The development of a happy married life always depends on the two hearts of tolerance.

Because of deep love, so tolerance; because of tolerance, so happy.

Unfortunately, many marriages are often trivial Some people even divorced because of a pair of socks.

If there is no tolerance between husband and wife, regardless of How deep the relationship is in the first half of life will be consumed by the fragments of social life in the second half of life.

Mr. Hayao Miyazaki said:

“Love is not about finding ourselves a perfect person, but learning to appreciate the imperfect person with a pair of perfect eyes.”

In this life, we Meeting Thousands of people, meeting, meeting, this is a great destiny.

Everyone is imperfect, what you like The other half is also imperfect.

Learn to use a tolerant heart and consider passing each other , Change the students themselves. Only in this way can you truly appreciate the romantic beauty of the teacher holding your hand and growing old with you.

As in Mr. Yang Jiang said:

The essence of life is forgiveness and Forgetting:Forgive those who are worthy of forgiveness, and forget those who are not worthy of forgiveness.

Because you are precious enough, I chooseInclusive;

Because I understand that the longer I get along, the more I can like it.

May all other couples in the world can pass Appreciate each other’s differences and tolerate each other’s shortcomings.

Even when you say disgust, in your heart Always full of love, because the other person is worthy of you.

Life is not easy, we need to constantly train ourselves.

Use the wisdom of these five words cleverly, Make you more capable of development in life.

Click here to watch, I hope you can find your best On the bright side, spend the rest of your life comfortably.