The national football team is very tough to win the key war

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Source:People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

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The players of the two teams competed for the header in the game. Xinhua News Agency issued

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Wu Lei celebrated the goal. Xinhua News Agency issued

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Head coach Li Tie directed during the game. According to Xinhua News Agency

After 90 minutes without risk, in the early morning of June 8th, Beijing time, in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers Group A match, the Chinese men’s football country The team defeated the Philippines team 2:0 and won the first game in the UAE.

Overcoming all kinds of difficulties to win the”life-and-death battle”, the national football team basically ensured the second place in the group, while also taking the fate of qualifying in their own hands. After experiencing the sudden expedition and the unstoppable suffering, the victory of this tough battle allowed the national football players to gradually get better and more confident.

Timely change to take effect

In the first round of the match between the two sides in 2019, the Chinese team stayed as a guest and the Philippines could not attack for a long time. They were tied 0:0 by their opponents and lost the top spot in the group. The initiative. Once again, head coach Li Tie sent the same starting lineup as the Guam team, composed of Wu Lei and Exon Sit on the front line in order to continue the vigor of the victory over Guam.

In the first half, although the Chinese team had the advantage of possession and offense, the Philippine team was clearly prepared. Unlike the iron barrels in the first round, the Philippines team strengthened the midfield press in this campaign, did not hesitate to prevent the Chinese team from attacking with fouls, and increased the number and height of the penalty area in response to the Chinese team’s wing-crossing tactics, making the Chinese team best at The offensive method returned without success.

Under the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees Celsius in the UAE, facing opponents'”hand-to-hand” defense, the Chinese team has few offensive methods. Instead, the Philippine team relied on two counterattacks to create a dangerous situation in front of the Chinese team. At the end of the first half, the Chinese team was out of touch in the frontcourt, and for a time could only rely on the backcourt to kick the ball to launch an offensive.

In the second half of the game, Li Tie adjusted his formation to 4231——Wu Xi And Jinjing Road occupy the position of the back midfielder and replace the Zhang Xizhe topped the frontcourt, while Wu Lei returned to the familiar right side to gain more forward space. This adjustment was immediate. Only 10 minutes into the second half, Wu Lei reproduced the”script” of the first game, and won and scored a penalty with a personal breakthrough.

At the same time, the left back Wang Shenchao more assists and got through The blocked offensive left in the first half created more offensive space for the team. The second goal of the Chinese team came from the echoes of the two wingers-right back Tang Miao</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”5925110″ qid=”6595531373904155912″> span>After receiving the pass from Wu Lei, he made a pass, and the outflanked Wu Xinghan scored The first goal in the national team.

Overcoming many difficulties

Due to factors such as the epidemic, the remaining games of Group A of the top 40 tournament originally scheduled to be held in Suzhou were moved to Sharjah, UAE. This has brought a great test to the national football team, which had been waiting for work and training in Suzhou. Compared with opponents such as Syria and Maldives that have long been assembled in the UAE, the impact of the game change on the national football is quite large.

However, as Li Tie said, all arrangements must be accepted and faced. The team can only unite and work hard. On June 3, the national football team set off for Sharjah, UAE. After a short adjustment training, they quickly entered the game and finally reaped satisfactory results.

At the press conference after the game, Li Tie said that he was particularly satisfied with the team’s desire to win and concentration in 90 minutes. He also expressed his gratitude to the fans who supported the national football team.

Wu Lei, who was named the best player on the spot, said that winning the game under difficult conditions is the willpower of the player. Whoever can grit his teeth will win the final victory.

“Compared to me scoring a goal, the more important thing is that the team’s defense is doing very well. I think this is very proud of. Everyone has played their abilities.” Wu Lei said .

For the national football team, this battle in West Asia is also the first tough battle encountered by the young”Iron Army”. In the case of delays in starting the situation, the Chinese team did not get more and more anxious. Entering the second half, Li Tie’s on-the-spot command and adjustment ability was demonstrated, Wu Lei’s core position and excellent state were fully revealed, and the will and appearance of the national football team members are remarkable.

“The team encountered a lot of difficulties objectively. After coming here, each of us is well prepared and fully prepared to overcome difficulties.” Wu Lei said.

Play every game well

According to the re-adjusted schedule, the Chinese men’s football team will face the Maldives and Syria in the early morning of June 12 and 16 Beijing time respectively.

At present, the Syrian team, which has won 6 games, has secured the top spot in the group. The Chinese team has 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 13 points. It is basically determined to rank second in the group. If you want to qualify from the top 40, you still It is necessary to strive for a complete victory in the last two games to ensure that they are ahead in the comparison of the points of the second place in each group, and finally advance to the top 12.

From the perspective of opponents, against the weaker Maldives team, the national football team should have no suspense to win. The last game with the Syrian team is the key battle to determine whether the Chinese team can qualify. Faced with opponents who have already qualified ahead of schedule, the Chinese team cannot be taken lightly. In the first round of the confrontation, the Chinese team lost to their opponents 1:2 in the UAE and lost the chance to qualify for the first place. In the last round of fighting against opponents, facing the strong Syrian team, the national football players should not be taken lightly.

Li Tie said before that, for the qualifying situation, the national football team does not do points calculation problems, but must concentrate on playing every game. Speaking of the next game against the Maldives and Syria, Li Tie said that every game is a decisive battle against the Chinese team, and only the opponent in front of him has the opportunity to challenge the next opponent. The coaching staff will help the players adjust and recover as soon as possible and focus all their energy on the next opponent.