[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well

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Chinanews client, Beijing, June 25th (Reporter Li Jinlei) “You can see the microphone in my hand. This is the microphone used for the first street picking in 2017. The “crooked” on it It’s the crookedness of crooked nuts. Four years have passed, and more than 5,000 foreigners in China have used it to talk about their own lives in China.”

[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well

On May 12, 2021, Fang Yedun attended the meeting of Chinese and foreign reporters at the “Youth Responsibility for Youth in the New Era” meeting. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

On May 12, Fang Yedun, the co-founder of the Crooked Nuts Research Association (“Crooked Research Association”), appeared in The “Youth Responsibility of Youth in the New Era” meeting for Chinese and foreign journalists held by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Fang Yedun’s team has used the third perspective of foreign youths to tell Chinese stories in the form of short videos in the past four years of entrepreneurship, attracting more than 100 million global fans, and popular videos on platforms at home and abroad have frequently appeared. , Has won numerous awards. Fang Yedun was also included in the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 Elite List.

Chinese youth meets “crooked nuts” “Crooked Research Association” was born

Born in 1991, Fang Yedun, with a score of 691 in the 2009 college entrance examination, from Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province He was admitted to the Department of Philosophy of Peking University and joined the Communist Party of China in 2013 when he was a senior. After graduating from undergraduate, Fang Yedun chose to continue his postgraduate studies at Weiming Lake.

What will you do after graduation? Fang Ye, who always pays attention to the current situation, wants to do something different and meaningful. He sensitively captured the breath of changes in the times. China’s economy is developing rapidly, its comprehensive national strength is constantly increasing, and it is getting closer to the center of the world stage, and he is also working hard to show the image of a peacefully rising power.

Witness the first “Belt and Road” Global Summit held in Beijing, witnessed the establishment of Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University and Yenching Academy of Peking University, and witnessed the gathering of many foreign students in Wudaokou. They are more and more concerned about the rapidly developing China. Acknowledging with and tending to stay in China, Fang Yedun felt a kind of “time, place, and harmony”.

[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well(1)

“Cooking Research Club” Group photo of the team. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

In his view, China’s exchanges with the world are getting closer, and there is no need to look up to others in many areas, and its influence is growing. Many universities have started discussions about China Studies, and the foreign students around them are very curious about China’s national governance model. There is a lot to do in telling Chinese stories through foreign youths.

It just so happened that Fang Yedun met Gao Yousi, a foreign student studying at Peking University. This student from Israel speaks fluent Chinese and has a rich cross-cultural experience. He also hopes to be a fun, young In China, add some languages ​​and expressions. So the two hit it off and founded the “Crooked Nuts Research Association” new media company.

Break through stereotypes and new angles to tell new stories

Soon, the “Cooking Research Conference” ushered in the first hit video.

Fang Yedun clearly remembered that this video was released on December 14, 2016. The theme was that foreigners tried to use WeChat red envelopes, and it became popular all of a sudden, with more than 6.7 million views, and fans. The child has risen by 50,000, and some netizens left a message: Update more, it’s so fun!

[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well(2)

This video shows The booming development of China’s mobile Internet. “When it comes to China’s overseas communication, it is more about Peking opera, pandas, calligraphy, etc. There is a bit of stereotypes. We just hope to break these traditional impressions and discuss new things and new stories from a new perspective, and the mobile Internet is an attempt. The first step.” Fang Ye said suddenly.

The “Cooking Research Association” took advantage of the victories and soon created the “Don’t See Outside” column, which is for foreigners to experience different professions in China, such as takeaways and grassroots police. Gao Yousi’s experience of takeaway videos has become a hot topic overseas, with more than 1.2 million views on Facebook, and many takeaways from other countries have left messages. Some said, “Our country can deliver pizza for two or three hours.” “We use It’s not a small electric stove, but a small truck.”

[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well(3)

“‘Don’t see outside The video of ‘has been played particularly high overseas and is very popular among overseas young people. It actually reflects China’s national spirit and national wisdom through countless busy backs.” Fang Yeton summed up the “crooked seminar” and said well. The three dimensions of the Chinese story-one is that foreigners look at Chinese things, the other is foreigners look at foreign countries, and the third is foreigners look at Chinese people.

Foreigners look at Chinese things, they look at Chinese social phenomena and products, generally in the form of street gathering; foreigners look at foreign countries, but they have the problem consciousness of Chinese people; foreigners look at Chinese people, just enter Go to a specific profession and feel the profession itself and the things around you. The “Don’t See Outside” column is the representative.

“There are not many grand narratives in it. It is to present a more three-dimensional image of China through fine-grained phenomena, people and overseas references. This is a methodology of our content. “Fang Ye said suddenly.

In Fang Yedun’s view, to truthfully present what is happening in China is to tell a good Chinese story. Telling Chinese stories well requires not only grand narratives, finding outstanding characters and deeds in the large historical process, but also paying attention to the lives of ordinary people with very small cuts.

[The new force of a century-old party] Chinese youth meet “crooked nuts”, so tell the Chinese story well(4)

“Cooking Research Club” Awards won. Photo by Li Jinlei, a reporter from Chinanews.com.

Telling the real thing and responding to the demonization with peace

Currently, the “Crooked Research Club” Weibo has topped a video about Xinjiang.

“What we saw when we went to Xinjiang was that cotton farmers were using unmanned automatic cotton machines to grow cotton, but some foreign netizens said that Gao Yousi was an actor, but we just chose to present and record the business truthfully. Youth. Fortunately, we have influenced some overseas netizens who saw real videos and chose to look at China dialectically.”

“To tell a Chinese story well is to tell what you really see. But some foreign media are composing stories, so we dare to speak up.” Fang Yeton said, “Reality represents one of our values, and peace is the best way to deal with demonization.”

“Eliminate misunderstandings, reduce prejudice, reject stigma, and show the world a more real, three-dimensional and vivid China. This will not happen overnight, and we will also face some criticisms and doubts, but we will still work hard to make cross-cultural The communication and value transmission of the company are no longer difficult.”

Faced with the difficulties of entrepreneurship, Fang Yedun, a party member, said that the Communist Party of China is the world’s best entrepreneurial team and has overcome a lot of Difficulties, so many miracles have been created, which can be a great reference for us to start a business, and we can also draw strength from it. Our goal is to be a company with at least 500 employees and more than 10 offices worldwide. (End)