The pension will be reissued before July 1. Do you know these things to pay attention to?

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This year’s retireespension will be adjusted before July 1, earlier than previous years For a month. The main reason is that my country’s pension insurance has achieved provincial overall planning, and the adjustment and scheduling of pensions has been greatly accelerated. The national”Notice on Adjusting the Basic Pensions for Retired Persons in 2021″ clearly requires all localities to submit their pension adjustment plans to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance for the record before April 30, which is also one month earlier than last year.

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Currently, Shanghai The adjusted pension for retirees of enterprises has been reissued before May 18, and institutions and institutions will be repaid by June 20Make up the difference. Xinjiang retirees’ pensions have also begun to be reissued. Tianjin began to issue June pensions according to the adjusted standard on June 15. The balance of the adjusted pensions from January to May will also be reissued along with the June pensions.

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There are a few things that need attention in this year’s pension adjustment Place:

First, changes in pension adjustment limits. This year, the overall adjustment ratio of pensions has decreased by 0.5 percentage points compared with the previous year, only 4.5%. The overall pension adjustment amount is lower than last year.

However, because the state requires that the adjustment methods of government agencies, institutions and enterprise retirees be unified this year, the changes in pension adjustments in various regions are not small. The amount of pension adjustment for certain groups of people does not even fall but rises.

For example, in Xinjiang’s 2021 pension adjustment plan, the fixed amount adjustment has increased by five yuan, while the general adjustments such as the adjustment based on the payment period and the pension ratio have not changed much. Therefore, some elderly people The increase this year is even a few yuan more than last year.

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Secondly, the leaning care and enjoyment of the elderly . Many elderly people feel that this year they have reached the local pension tilt care age of 70, 75, and 80, and feel that they can add a portion of their pension this year.

Unfortunately, the tilt adjustment part is not to increase the number of retired elderly people who reached a certain age that year, but to those who have reached the age of 70, 75, 80 and other special ages before December 31 of the previous year. Retired old people take care of extra tilt. For example, Henan The standard for the increase in the elderly is 65 years old, Shanghai is 60 years old for lesbians and 65 years old for gays.

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However, in Anhui, Shanghai, Shandong, Xinjiang, etc. The place has extra tilt for the elderly who happened to reach a special age last year. For example, Anhui Province for retirees who reached the age of 70, 75, 80, and 85 last year , The accumulative part of senior citizens who enjoy less than 140 yuan, 180 yuan, 280 yuan and 390 yuan shall be supplemented. In Shandong Province, additional basic pensions of 290 yuan, 190 yuan and 360 yuan were added to the elderly who were 70, 75 and 80 years old in the previous year. Shanghai and Xinjiang did not announce specific standards.

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Third, some special knowledge< /strong>. ①When the pension is adjusted according to the payment period, it generally includes the deemed payment period, but does not include the deemed payment period class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”13201977″ qid=”6527571439996900621″>Special types of work The conversion payment in plateau areas shall be regarded as the same period.

In most areas, the payment period is less than one year, and it is calculated as one year. Beijing is specific to the month, and other places also have specific six months. In this case, when the flexible employment person participates in the insurance payment, he will pay one more month in the whole year. It will be quite cost-effective when the payment period is adjusted.

②Regarding the rounding of pension calculation. Xinjiang is rounded to the nearest yuan according to the pension ratio adjustment part, and Anhui is rounded to the yuan. Jiangsu Point timing.

③The adjustment part is linked to the pension proportion, and only the part in the overall plan is paid. Does not include Enterprise Annuity and Occupational Annuity, Henan Province does not include Winter heating expenses for corporate retirees (Shanxi Province is included), or local subsidies and holidays Fees and other treatments.

In fact, no matter what, our pension level is increased on the basis of previous years. The pension level of retired elderly people is getting higher and higher. I hope that it will be able to improve their lives. Provide more adequate protection. Pension explosion Star Project