The sentiment of reading Heihouxue

By yqqlm yqqlm

Recently read Li Zongwu‘s black school, I feel pretty good, and it tells a lot of things that are shining with the light of truth. I think Heihouxue is a science, a science that explains the truth of the world, rather than a literal misunderstanding against morality, to do some shameless things!

I have actually reached my age and stage, and I have a deep-rooted understanding of this world. . My view of the world is:this world is a multi-dimensional clip. Hei Houxue has some resonance with this concept of mine. In my opinion, the black thickness represents a strong stimulus depth, which can only be distinguished by humans. For example, drug addiction is a strong stimulus depth, and sexual pleasure is also a strong stimulus depth. Stimulus depth, depression is also a strong stimulus depth. Heart-wrenching failures, persistent persistence that are not understood, etc., can cause huge shocks, deterrents, and shocks to people’s hearts, and make people feel the mixed flavors, wanting to live, and wanting to die are all this kind of strong stimulating depth. That is, thick black. To be successful, a person must cultivate himself to be able to accommodate, embrace and even control the depth of such intense stimulation! Anyone who chooses to avoid or escape the thick black can only be mediocre! Therefore, Heihouxue is actually talking about the origin of an abstract world, and this origin is the origin of people and their society. For example:

I’m currently doing a second-hand business. In fact, the current economic environment is not Well, people are obsessed with cheap prices, but prices are controlled by costs. To a certain extent, low prices can only be used second-hand goods. Make a thing”cheap” for second-hand second-hand goods! But when you go to collect things, many people will cause continuous cash outflow (rent, warehouse, etc.) because these things are left unsold, and the continuous cash outflow will cause a lot of mental stress, so in the end they can only Bleeding selling! Pay attention to the key words:sell at a loss! In fact, you can even say that you are taking advantage of the fire. If you just talk about benevolence and don’t cut the price down, then think about it, generally we are collected in one shop, some can be sold and some can’t be sold, so we can only treat it as a scrap, and the metal can be sold for a few dollars. , Tables, chairs and benches really can only be thrown away. Transportation, warehousing, and labor cost everything. In the end, both businessmen will fail because of this kind of benevolence! But if I can thick black, that is low low, then the seller actually gets a”thick black”-a strong depth of stimulation, and I will be cautious in everything I do in the future! I can continue to manage and develop myself, and generally I don’t know that everyone feels it. I’m in anger. When I can’t tell you, I have a lot of ideas and my head is turning very fast. Many business wizards turn their whims into crises at this time. successful. So, understand that thick and black coexist! If a person wants to be successful, he must embrace this kind of thing and constantly exercise himself!

Perhaps this strong stimulus depth also explains what failure is the mother of success. Hou Hei doesn’t want you to do shameless things that violate the law and violate public order and morals, but you want you to understand the depth of this strong stimulation, embrace and accommodate, and use your own ideas to choose to control or even manipulate the advance and retreat freely! And then do not be surprised by honor or disgrace, watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; leave unintentionally, look at the clouds in the sky. At the same time, the heart does not reach the goal, never stop, continue to innovate, break the barriers of the world, never stop, dig out of my heart to saint God’s endless aftertaste of wine.

I want to understand this high-dimensional thick black, and follow this rule, the road to success is closer step.

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