The Spring and Autumn Period of Jiazi Writing the Epic of China’s Spaceflight

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Ye Peijian portrait. This print artist Zhang Wuchang draws

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In recognition of Ye Peijian’s role in promoting China’s satellite remote sensing, moon and deep space exploration and The outstanding contribution made by the rapid development of space science was approved by the International Asteroid Commission, and the asteroid with the international number 456677 was named”Ye Peijianxing”. On May 8, 2017, Ye Peijian received the bronze medal and certificate and gave an academic report at the naming ceremony. Photo courtesy of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

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Ye Peijian (right) is discussing with industry experts. Photo courtesy of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

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The Tianwen-1 mission is the first planetary exploration mission independently implemented by China. As one of the “leaders” of China’s deep space exploration, Ye Peijian devoted a lot of effort to the implementation of this mission. The picture shows the successful launch of Tianwen-1 in July 2020. Published by Xinhua News Agency

On November 25, 2016, I was invited to participate in the”Aerospace Science and Technology Publishing Project” series conference organized by Beijing Institute of Technology Press. This series of books integrates aerospace science and technology around the world. The important research results and valuable scientific research test data in the field comprehensively reflect the current development status and research frontiers of aerospace science and technology in the world today. This series of books touched me a lot, and once again brought out the complex that has been entrenched in my heart for many years.

Be brave to take up heavy responsibilities

Aim to keep knowledge for the country

span>Wealth and experience accumulation

China SpaceThe business has gone through more than 60 years . Over the years, China’s space industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and is becoming stronger! The three major milestones represented by the Dongfanghong-1 satellite, the Shenzhou-5 manned spacecraft, and the Chang’e-1 lunar probe are all representative. The development history and rich connotation of China’s spacecraft. This connotation is not only humanistic, technical, but also managerial.

From a humanistic point of view, the spirit of”two bombs and one satellite” is passed on and carried forward in the new generation of aerospace individuals. They are promoting ChinaThe development and expansion of space technology has left a clear footprint of forge ahead, tenacious hard work, and forge ahead. From a technical point of view, a number of new theories, new technologies and new methods are constantly being proposed, verified and adopted , Has improved the level of my country’s space technology time and time again.

From a management perspective, China’s space industry has nurtured management concepts and methods with Chinese characteristics, especially by giving full play to my country’s unique system advantages to handle major affairs throughout the country. Over the years, a large number of scientific and technological reports, academic works and papers, management regulations, software copyrights, technology patents, etc. have been produced.

Unfortunately, these results are scattered in different units and different The R&D team and different professions need to be further improved in terms of systemicity, integrity and benefit. As a participant and witness of aerospace, I have been struggling in the aerospace front for my whole life, and I am responsible for this As a burden, think of ways to build platforms and bridges to make up for this shortcoming, so as to leave some precious knowledge wealth and experience precipitation for the aerospace industry and the country.

Fighting for 500 days

23 volumes of 15 million words to fill the gap in China

In December 2016, after careful consideration, I proposed that China Academy of Space Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology Press jointly publish a set of Chinese space technologyField authoritative work, strive to be published in 2018, present a gift for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, and fill the space in China as soon as possible The gap of the latest knowledge in this field of technology.

After many discussions by the leaders, experts and chief teachers of the China Academy of Space Technology, we named this series of books”Space Technology and Scientific Research Series”, which consists of 23 volumes, series< span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”7107612″ qid=”6584999217771582723″>The editor-in-chief is the responsibility of me. This series of books revolves around the three main lines of science and technology, industrial foundation and engineering practice of China’s space industry, and it runs through almost all aspects of space science, space technology and space applications. Because of this, it was selected as the”National Heavy Equipment Publishing Project”,”National Thirteenth Five-Year Key Publishing Project” and”Publication Fund Funded Project”.

In April 2018, after only one year and four months, 23 volumes of 15.37 million words”Space Technology and Scientific Research Series” were officially published and issued, which caused a very warm response in China. Some aerospace academies have also adapted relevant textbooks based on this.

To the world

Showing Chinese characteristics, Chinese elements and Chinese contributions

The publication of the series is a major achievement, but I think it is not enough. China is struggling on the path of building a powerful country. In the future, it will go more stable and go further. Not only rely on the hard power of aerospace research and production, but also greatly enhance the soft power of international integration and cooperation. Only when the”two legs” exert force simultaneously, will the steps be more stable and larger. Therefore, the foreign language publishing work of the series was put on the agenda.

After Beijing Institute of Technology’s publisher and the joint efforts of many parties, the series of books overseas The publishing was ultimately positioned at Springer Publishing. As one of the world’s leading scientific publishing companies, Springer Publishing is known for its high-level author group and high-level requirements for publications. After multiple rounds of review, which can be called “drastic”, 10 fascicles that can fully represent the characteristics of China’s space technology development entered the publishing plan smoothly as”a set of books on China’s aerospace” and became the first overseas publication. step.

Foreign language publishing is not a simple translation from Chinese to English. The main point is to show Chinese characteristics, Chinese elements and Chinese contributions to international readers. For the preface of each book, as the editor-in-chief, I have to carefully consider words and sentences to ensure that it has distinctive team characteristics and presents the Chinese characteristics of a certain field and profession. It is”Chinese” and more”Chinese.” Under the leadership of the person in charge of each sub-volume, the writing team changed the manuscript several times, several rounds of iterations, and sometimes even performed”major operations” on the manuscripts to further increase the”gold content” and ensure the”high-quality” overseas distribution of the series.

In October 2020, the new English version of the”Space Technology and Scientific Research Series” was officially released, becoming a”bright sword project” for China’s aerospace knowledge achievements to go global, and once again attracted the attention of the industry. International experts and scholars soon applied for the”car” of this series of books to publish their own works.

I also fully realize that the status and achievements of China’s aerospace industry in the world are seriously inconsistent with the right to speak. It is not enough to publish a few sets of books. A”standing” platform is needed to continuously show New theories, new technologies, and new achievements in the development of China’s space technology, to promote our team and outstanding talents. For the past two years, I have been promoting the China Academy of Space Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology to jointly bid for the”SpaceScienceandTechnology” journal ( (Hereinafter referred to as “Space”), invested a lot of time and energy, and even wrote reports and participated in online defenses alone during the epidemic.

Through hard work, Space Journal has successively obtained the right to be distributed internationally and domestically, and it was approved to be officially published in January 2021. I will be the editor-in-chief. Space Journal has become the only comprehensive English-language journal selected by the China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan High Starting Point New Journal Project since its establishment. It has a high degree of internationalization, high academic level, and a strong editorial board, including two Nobel Prize winners. Laid the foundation for building a world-class journal. It can be said that this journal is a special”spacecraft” and will certainly play an important role in opening up and sharing China’s aerospace scientific discoveries and innovative achievements.

Making miracles

The spirit of aerospace and the methods of aerospace engineering are consistent.

Retrospecting the compilation and publication process of the Chinese and English editions of the series, I have many feelings. Faced with huge pressures and difficulties such as high compilation requirements, heavy workload, short time, multiple interfaces, and difficult management, the Chinese version of the series was able to publish one book as planned. This is the same as the publication of some series in the past. It took several years or even. Compared with the situation over the past few decades, it is almost a”miracle” in the publishing industry. The English version was successfully compiled and published during the special period of the new crown virus raging around the world, which is amazing. Turning the impossible into possibility stems from the consistent aerospace spirit and aerospace engineering methods of our astronauts. It is also the backbone and cornerstone of the development of our aerospace industry.

First of all, once the idea of ​​”compiling a series of books in the field of Chinese space technology” was put forward, it was quickly implemented and implemented. The entire writing team, responsible organization, and even the entire China Academy of Space Technology are working hard to ensure comprehensive protection, which reflects our strong cohesion and combat effectiveness. Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of the Beidou project and chief satellite designer, chief designer of the Chang’e-4 and Mars rover Sun Zezhou, Chief Designer of Tiangong No. 1 Yang Hong and other front-line scientific research backbones are all on the sidelines To ensure the development of the model, and continue to write a series of books…This kind of aerospace spirit of”particularly able to endure hardship, particularly capable of fighting, particularly capable of tackling key problems, particularly capable of dedication” is inherited by the main creative team and more than one hundred participating writers of all chapters of our series. Body.

Secondly, the compilation of this series of books, in my opinion, is no less than a tough battle to ensure the successful development and launch of satellites. As the editor-in-chief, like the satellite commander and chief designer, he must be scientific and methodical, so that he can win the war. Based on this, we innovatively use the method of managing aerospace engineering to manage the writing process:in the entire compilation process of the series, a total of 12 milestone nodes have been set up, and more than 320 writing nodes have been compiled to control the overall work progress status ; Through the plan management team, the writing project team, the expert review team, etc., the responsibilities of each link are clearly defined, and the work information platform is established, and the promotion meeting is held regularly to exchange the situation and correct the problem in time; at the same time, the publishing house is also timely Follow up, conduct training and guidance. These practices have greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the writing team, optimized the writing process, and thus ensured the quality and progress of the series.

Continuous struggle

Help the new generation of astronauts go more stable and faster

The vast universe, endless exploration. After the tempering of about one Jiazi, China Aerospace has achieved world-renowned achievements, especially in the past 10 years, with the China Space Station, Mars exploration, lunar sampling and return, detection of the back of the moon, global navigation, and other major projects have been completed or will soon be completed. China is becoming a space power and will achieve greater brilliance in the future. In the process of continuous development, systematically summarizing the law of space technology development and exploring the future development direction is an important mission of the astronauts. I have been engaged in aerospace work for 52 years. As an astronaut engaged in engineering research and scientific research, I deeply feel the great responsibility.

The domestic publication of”Space Technology and Scientific Research Series”, the overseas publication of”Space Technology and Scientific Research Series”, and the establishment of the”Space Science and Technology” journal are the accumulation of domestic achievements in the aerospace field, the promotion of international results, and the international The three effective carriers of platform communication, they will help the new generation of astronauts to go more stable and faster on the journey of building a space power; they will also play a role in contributing more”Chinese wisdom”,”Chinese solutions” and”Chinese power” . As far as I am concerned, I am very happy to be able to persist in doing something and accomplish something on this road. In the future, I will continue to move forward along this road with determination!

(The author is the chief commander and chief designer consultant of the Chang’e series of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and the chief designer of the Mars Rover. Chief scientist of deep space exploration, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the special prize and first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award , Was awarded the national honorary title of”People’s Scientist”.)

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