The squid was sent to the International Space Station for scientific research

By yqqlm yqqlm

After flying into space this weekend, squids and small animals are now living safely on the International Space Station .

These tiny creatures will be used in experiments to help scientists Learn more about how various creatures behave in space.

  • The scientist behind the squid experiment is planning to study bobtail squid and a certain type of Whether the relationship between bacteria will change under microgravity.
  • Researchers hope to use these data to learn more Human health may be affected during long-distance travel in space.
  • The goal of small animal experimenters is to learn more How these creatures are passed on from generation to generation in extreme environments.
  • Lead of the experimentresearcher Thomas Boothby said in a statement:“We want to see what they use when they reach space”Skills” to survive, and what techniques their offspring use over time.””Are they the same or different from generation to generation? We just don’t know what will happen.” li>