The world’s largest train”aircraft carrier” designed by Shanghai Shipyard was delivered and will be used between the US and Mexico ports

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On June 8, the world’s largest dedicated train transport ship”M/S Cherokee” (M/S CHEROKEE), independently designed and built by my country, was delivered to the American shipowner in Guangzhou. The ship is owned by China Shipbuilding Corporation‘s Shanghai Ship Research Design Institute (Shanghai Shipyard for short) designed and built by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

The”Cherokee” is 180 meters long, 38.6 meters wide and 16.2 meters high. Unlike domestic train transport ships that only load trains on the main deck, the ship has two train decks with a total track length of 2500 meters. Through this design, the ship can carry 136 train carriages at one time (single carriage is 14 meters long), with a carrying capacity of more than 20,000 tons, which can be called a”train aircraft carrier”.

The train also needs to cross the sea, because some places need to make a big circle by land. Taken together, it will be more economical and more economical to connect with special transport ships for trains.

The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Shipyard said that before the train crosses the sea, it is necessary to drive to the Port, first disassemble according to the length of the transport ship, and split into several car sections; then after the rail of the port is connected with the rail of the transport ship, board the ship through the rail; after reaching the opposite bank, disembark the ship along the rail .

In simple terms, the process of splitting, embarking, disembarking, and combining is required. Based on the current Guangdong-Hai Railway’s Qiongzhou Strait train ferry as an example, the ship can carry 40 14-meter-long freight train carriages. During the whole process, it takes 2 hours for the train to enter the ferry and exit from the ferry to form a train. , The ferry takes 50 minutes to cross the sea.

The Cherokee uses an all-on-all-down approach for loading and unloading trains, and targets The docking issue of the track and the track on the ship is creatively designed for the loading and unloading function of the track change. In addition, the ship is specially equipped with train lashing equipment to further improve the loading efficiency. The loading and unloading requirements of 136 carriages can be completed within 2 hours.

It is understood that the ship will be used for train transportation between the ports of the United States and Mexico after delivery. Compared with road transportation, sea transportation can reduce train journeys by approximately 50%, greatly reducing Mexico’s Logistics costs in the Bay Area.

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