There is no common press conference and no common expectation. What will be discussed in the”Pubbai Meeting”?

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Currently, the President of the United States Biden< /span>Has arrived in Geneva, he will open the Russia-US summit with Russian President Putin today (June 16) local time. According to Biden’s daily schedule released by the White House, the meeting will begin at 19:35 on the 16th Beijing time.

This is Biden’s first meeting with Putin since he assumed the presidency of the United States. CNN (CNN) stated that this meeting will be a key political test for Biden.

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According to the Russian President’s Assistant Ushakov, Putin and Biden’s talks will consist of one small-scale meeting and two large-scale talks. The two leaders may have a one-on-one meeting at some point.

According to more details disclosed by US officials, the two leaders will meet in the library in the villa after meeting with the Swiss president respectively. The first round of small-scale talks was attended by four people. In addition to Putin and Biden, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Hemei Secretary of State fabricated Lincoln will also participate. In addition, both parties will carry an interpreter, and everyone will take a group photo at the beginning.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, starting at 20:55 Beijing time, the two sides will enter an expanded meeting. In addition to Biden and Putin, there will be delegations from each side. The last round of talks will be held at 22:40 Beijing time.

The overall meeting will last 4 to 5 hours or more. There is no plan for both parties to have lunch together.

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(Photo:Geneva, Switzerland, the venue for the Russian-US leaders’ meeting)

Point one:What can we talk about if the two sides don’t have any expectations?

In April this year, the Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide visited the United States Compared with the “burger dinner” prepared by the US at that time, the lack of co-dining arrangements seems to have predicted a cold atmosphere for the talks.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov told RIA Novosti on the 15th that the”Pubbai Meeting” did not have any plans to sign documents.

The Kremlin Information Bureau previously stated that the presidents of the two countries will discuss the status quo of bilateral relations, strategic stability issues and a series of urgent international issues during the summit, including fighting the new crown epidemic and mediating regional conflicts.

The leaders of the two countries will also discuss some unfinished issues in their relations, such as economic cooperation, climate change, and Arctic and other issues, the two sides will find common ground on these issues.

According to CNN reports, Network security will take a large part in the talks . Earlier, the United States claimed to track some”ransomware” attacks from Russia. Putin denied this. And called on Biden to reach an agreement with him on network issues.

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In addition, a diplomatic source from the Russian delegation told RIA Novosti that if an agreement is reached at the Geneva summit, Russia and the United States will The Ambassador will return to the host country in the near future.

Ushakov previously stated that the ambassadors of Russia and the United States “seem to have gotten each other’s working places by mistake” and hope they can return Moscow, Washington, provided that the presidents of the two countries reach an agreement when they meet in Geneva.

It is reported that Ambassador Antonov will attend the Geneva Summit as a member of the Russian delegation, and the U.S. Ambassador to Russia will also attend.

Georgetown University’s Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies Center Director Stent said that after Biden took office, he said that he would not “restart” US-Russian relations, but he has repeatedly stated that he seeks to achieve “stability and peace” between the United States and Russia. Foreseeable relationship”, so strategic stability, cyber security, and climate change cooperation are all topics that Biden wants to talk to Putin this time.

“They can finally sit down and talk after they talk about it. This is very important. However, I don’t know what the substantive results of this meeting will be.” Stent said that the two sides have experienced mutual expulsion diplomacy. It is hoped that the diplomatic manpower can be partially restored first in order to carry out diplomatic activities.

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View point two:Will there be ruthless talk after the”new historical low”

The director of the Moscow Think Tank Russia Council for International Issues pointed out to the BBC,” This summit is very important in a symbolic sense.”

Putin and Biden have said recently that US-Russian relations are at the”lowest point in recent years.” This is another round of intense”air dialogue” after Biden agreed with Putin as a”killer” in March and called Putin as a”dictator” in an interview in June.

The two sides also said that they have low expectations for breakthroughs in the talks, but they still expressed a”cooperative” attitude.

In an interview broadcast by the US media on the 11th, Putin expressed the hope that Biden would”not make any impulsive actions.” He believes that speaking harshly is part of”American political culture.”

However, according to the New York Times, Biden has issued a new warning to Putin about imprisoned Russian opposition figures.Navarny death will damage Russia’s relations with the rest of the world.

United Kingdom Prime MinisterJohnson also revealed on the 14th that he knew”Biden will convey some’very tough messages’ to Putin in the next few days.”

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Last week, Putin stated on the Russian national television station that there are some problems”We can communicate with the United States”Cooperation”, first is the new nuclear arms control negotiations, and will also discuss with the United States regional conflicts including Syria and Libya, as well as climate change issues.

Putin said:”If we can establish a mechanism for working on these issues, then I think this summit will not be in vain.”

A Russian political analyst said:”A more feasible goal is to understand each other’s red lines, and both understand that dialogue is the best way to get out of the bottom of the relationship.”

Director of the Geneva Security Policy Research Center, former European Security and Cooperative Organization Secretary-General Greminger believes that Russia and The relationship between the West is constantly deteriorating, and the level of mutual trust is at the lowest point. This meeting “provides an opportunity to restore calm dialogue”, but expects that the normalization of the relations between the two countries will return premature.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov also emphasized once again that it is difficult for Russia-US relations to reach an understanding and restart through a meeting, and should not hold too much expectation.

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The third aspect:Biden gave up the”non-joint press conference”

On the first day of Biden’s European trip, the first lady of the United States Jill Biden revealed,”Biden is making’excessive’ preparations for the meeting with Putin.”

According to CNN reports, Biden held a meeting with a group of Russian experts earlier this month to learn about their experience in dealing with Putin and listen to their opinions. Participants included former national intelligence officials of the National Intelligence Committee in charge of Russia and the Eurasian region, the former US ambassador to Russia, and the former senior director of Russian affairs at the National Security Council.

After the meeting, the consensus of the expert group was-“Biden should not hold a joint with Putin after the meeting.Press conference‘.”

Russia Today” (RT) recently announced that after the meeting with Putin, Biden will hold a separate press conference. RT’s explanation for this is that Biden’s move is to avoid the risk of mistakes when he is on the same stage with Putin.

According to the report, the practice of holding a separate press conference will prevent the 78-year-old Biden from having open disagreements with Putin in front of the media, while also preventing the 68-year-old Putin from leading the dialogue.

In addition, this can also avoid awkward or controversial interactions. For example, the former US President Trump after meeting with Putin in Helsinki in 2018, because he advocated that the Kremlin did not interfere U.S. election was severely criticized; then president in 2000Clinton and Putin did not”look at each other or smile” at the joint press conference and received a lot of attention.

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Peskov told TASS on the 12th that Putin will also be in the two Hold your own press conference after the meeting. He also added that speaking to the media alone was”the US approach,” but insisted that this did not reflect”pessimistic expectations” for the meeting.

The US media also paid attention to the news that Biden held a separate press conference.

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) stated that the move avoided the”high-risk moments” warned by foreign policy experts (that is, Biden chose to attend the press conference side by side with Putin).

Fox News mentioned that holding joint press conferences is usually considered to show solidarity among leaders. However, the White House’s statement on the 12th that Biden will hold a separate press conference implies that the United States and its geopolitical opponents The tension between Russia is heating up.

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At present, the layout of the conference room of the”Pubai Meeting” is ready. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared a photo of the meeting room on Facebook yesterday. In the photo, there are two chairs with Russian and American flags standing behind them. The background is a wooden bookshelf full of books.

“Everything is ready. Russian President Putin and US President Biden will meet here tomorrow.” The Russian Foreign Ministry wrote.