There is no progress in the negotiations. How will the “Sausage War” between Britain and Europe develop?

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China News Service, June 11th. According to a comprehensive report, the relationship with the EU has deteriorated further after the UK officially “Brexit”. In recent days, both parties have accused each other of failing to fully comply with the provisions of the “Brexit” agreement regarding the delivery of goods to Britain and Northern Ireland. This is called the “Sausage War” by the British media because it will affect the transportation of refrigerated meat from other parts of the UK to Northern Ireland.

There is no progress in the negotiations. How will the “Sausage War” between Britain and Europe develop?

On December 21, local time, after the UK announced the discovery of the mutant virus, many EU countries imposed a traffic blockade on the UK. On the M20 highway near Ashford, England, long-distance freight trucks could not leave the country and lined up on the side of the road, end to end like a train stopping on the side of the road.

On June 30, the Northern Ireland Protocol on the arrangement of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will come into effect. By then, trade between other parts of the UK and Northern Ireland will face many obstacles, including sausages made in the UK. Sold in Northern Ireland.

The “Europe Times” quoted Reuters as reporting that on June 9, the dispute further escalated and the two officials did not reach any agreement on the negotiations to avoid trade barriers in Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom said it could once again unilaterally extend the grace period for exempting certain food inspections, while the European Union said it might advance its legal actions.

Frost, the chief Brexit negotiator of the United Kingdom, met with the Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sevkovic in London on the same day to resolve this issue.

“There is no breakthrough, and there is no breakdown in negotiations. We will continue to talk.” Frost said, “What we urgently need to do now is to find some solutions.”

< p>A British source said that if there is no agreement, all options will be discussed, including London’s further extension of the grace period, which will exempt certain food items shipped to Northern Ireland from inspection after June 30.

There is no progress in the negotiations. How will the “Sausage War” between Britain and Europe develop?(1)


p > Reuters said the deadlock may cast a shadow over the Group of Seven (G7) summit to be held over the weekend.

Sevkovic said, “I believe that the G7 and European leaders will raise this question, because I think what we should focus on now is the economic recovery… and how to move between the EU and the UK Form and establish a new strategic partnership.”

According to the Times, British Prime Minister Johnson may receive a warning from US President Biden. The United States will warn London to comply with the agreement with the European Union to protect Northern Ireland’s 23-year peace situation.

Johnson once said that he hoped to show what he called the “global Britain” at the G7 summit in southwest England. He also said that he is not worried that the turmoil will cause public opinion at the meeting.