THEYKNOW 2021 Spring/Summer Collection

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[Global Web Fashion Channel Comprehensive Report] The jewelry accessories design brand THEYKNOW 2021 spring and summer series is officially released. Based on the continuation of its classic pearl elements and multi-wearing concept, THEYKNOW boldly introduces”Aurora Violet”, a new interpretation of the beloved gem shape, and exploration of infinite aesthetic fantasy.

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Extreme Purple

This season, THEYKNOW’s design is inspired by the new color-Aurora Purple. As mysterious, ethereal and vast as the aurora, the aurora purple symbolizes the exploration of the unknown world.

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This season, THEYKNOW launches a limited edition Aurora purple long tube Gloves, decorated with shiny metal or moisturizing pearls, perfectly blend accessories and jewelry. Stack with gem series jewelry to unlock endless fantasy about beauty.

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Infinite inspiration

Pearl is an unchanging classic. The THEYKNOW2021 spring/summer series extends the classic element of pearl, mixed with natural shell beads, etc. The material makes the new series more layered.

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