Thinking from”The Boundary of Growth” to”The Path of Growth in Life”

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Life is not so much the pursuit of success as the pursuit of growth. Success must have a secular definition, and growth only needs to be convinced by yourself. Success is comparing with others, and growth is comparing with yourself. Success is external, growth is internal. Whether it is success or growth, there are certain ways and paths.

The way or path we are most familiar with is the”win at the starting line” mode. Determine the goal as soon as possible and continue to work hard. Either a thousand troops have crossed the single-plank bridge:prenatal and preschool education, good elementary school, good junior high school, good high school entrance examination, various disciplines, interest training classes, participation in various competitions, and then enter a good university and find a good job . Either it’s a unique approach:choose sports or art, pursue it without distraction, devote yourself, and train in the dark.

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another The way or path that most people yearn for but can’t reach is the”stocking” model. There is no clear goal, no restrictions and barriers. I try to find out my real interest and expertise, and then find the right direction and path.

Which one is better? Is there a third path?

Canada best-selling author David • David Epstein’s The Boundary of Growth:Why Can You Succeed in the Super-Professional Era” (Range:Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World) explores this issue. What’s interesting is that this book was once recommended by Bill Gates, the god of IT, as the 2020 book list. But shortly after the recommendation, news of the divorce in one place came out. However, before this, Bill Gates was indeed a model of both great success and continuous growth.

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in Chinese The version of”Damn Book Waist” is printed”A good book that pierces the myth of Specialization— —From the perspective of typography, it should be Gates’s words, but from the content of the book, this sentence is not accurate, so I doubt it. At the same time, the ad slogan was printed:”Practice deliberately? Win at the starting line? Become a professional elite? Fast-changing In the AI ​​era, your growth needs more paths and possibilities!”

The whole book is based on God of golf Tiger Woods and Tennis starFederer‘s story begins. Tiger Woods has shown an extraordinary talent for golf since he was a child, and his parents went all out to train Woods until he became a god. Federer’s mother was a tennis coach, but she did not cultivate her son’s interest and skills in tennis since she was a child. Federer played everything, Squash, Skiing, Wrestling, Swimming, Basketball, Handball, tennis, Ping pong… Only after entering adolescence was I gradually attracted to tennis. Set the direction, go all out, and finally become a generation of enduring superstars.

Tiger Woods represents the professional path of”start early and deliberately practice”, and Federer represents the generalist path of”try in many ways and specialize later.”

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The author is in The book first criticizes the educational frenzy of”winning at the starting line”; then affirms the importance of abstract thinking and conceptual reasoning, and this ability is based on extensive contact and understanding of the world; the author also praises it Associative thinking, analogical thinking, and pointing to the essence of it are pleasant and efficient, but the holistic, systematic, and relevance performance will make us suddenly optimistic and get twice the result with half the effort when we accumulate to a certain level. The author also pointed out that we must jump out of experience and do not be superstitious of experts; if you insist too much, you will also lose the opportunity for correction; you must always jump out of the Three Realms and be an outsider, re-examining our direction and path; using outdated technology and methods to think laterally will cause surprises Gain:Putting down the familiar tools, leaving the familiar environment, and deviating from the familiar path will bring a new vision and cognition.

It’s worth mentioning that when the book talks about the use of outdated technologies and methods for horizontal thinking, it says that other such cases are similar to China Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou’s discovery of using ancient recipes to extract artemisinin pales in comparison . Don’t forget to mention that Tu Youyou is a”Three No Professor” with no academician qualifications, no overseas research experience, and no graduate degree.

In the conclusion, the author tells us, “The story of innovation and self-discovery looks like an orderly movement from point A to point B”, but In fact, all growth will not be linear movement, there will be accidents, there will be twists and turns, and there will be confusion. Tiger Woods”the detours, the breadth and the effects of experimentation on the growth road have been compressed to a minimum”, constructing a simple and direct and efficient myth to success. All success is based on comprehensive growth.

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The author looks like The road to advocating generalists is true to a certain extent. But the author’s meaning is far from being so simple and crude. The author actually took the middle route between the two paths-the Avenue of the Mean, which seems to be universal-believes that professionals and generalists have the same goal (the author emphasizes”Finally, please remember that specialization itself does not have any Mistake. We are all doing in-depth research, but the degree of specialization and content are different.”) The twists and turns that have been trimmed in the Woods model are also indispensable for the comprehensive growth of the Woods, and Federer’s success The role of professional training must not be ignored.

It can also be seen from the subtitle of the book”Why Generalists Triumph ina Specialized World”,”Why the professional world generalists succeed” does not rule out the success of professionals . What’s more, the so-called specialists and generalists are interlinked at a certain level. A specialist is a generalist, and a generalist must also be specialized.

The author also mentioned that in the era of artificial intelligence, many so-called “professional” tasks with rules and logic can be handed over to machines or systems. People need to have a bigger vision, better abstraction ability, stronger insight and adaptability, and do a good job of man-machine coordination with machines or systems, so that they can better reflect the value of people. In this sense, it is a consensus that generalists have greater advantages than specialists in this era. This also makes an unexpected footnote for”cross-border” becoming a fashion.

The author believes that “spiritual freedom and personal experimentation are the source of (growth) strength.” And “all life is an experiment.”


So, open your mind, emancipate your mind, talk about the old and learn about the new, keep growing, and do a life experiment.