This year, 1.89 million milliliters of “love blood” from Henan has rushed to aid Beijing, Hebei and Hubei

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China News Service, Zhengzhou, June 10 (Reporter Han Zhangyun) Since the beginning of this year, according to the deployment of the State and Henan Provincial Health Commission, Henan has respectively supported six batches of 1.892 million ml of clinical blood in Beijing, Hebei and Wuhan. On June 10, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, the party secretary of the Henan Red Cross Blood Center, Yue Lihong, disclosed the above news.

This year, 1.89 million milliliters of “love blood” from Henan has rushed to aid Beijing, Hebei and Hubei

The picture shows the Zhengzhou civilian police participating in the free blood donation. Photo by Han Zhangyun

June 14 this year is the 18th World Blood Donor Day. The World Health Organization issued the slogan “Donate blood, let the world continue to beat”.

On June 10th, Zhengzhou City held the 6th “Love Zhengzhou Hot Blood City” 2021 World Blood Donor Day free blood donation publicity activity. There were 28 advanced groups of free blood donation work, 13 people and 200 times. The representatives of the above-mentioned unpaid blood donors and one unpaid blood donor more than 300 times presented awards and commendations.

This year, 1.89 million milliliters of “love blood” from Henan has rushed to aid Beijing, Hebei and Hubei(1)

The picture shows Li Yujun, who has just taken the college entrance examination, joined the team of unpaid blood donations. Photo by Han Zhangyun

Yue Lihong said that during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, blood collection is facing many difficulties. The Henan Red Cross Blood Center did everything possible to collect blood and ensure the supply. It received 245,000 unpaid blood donors throughout the year, collected 72.39 million milliliters of whole blood, and collected approximately 75,000 platelets, which not only guaranteed the clinical blood supply in Zhengzhou. With the help of the whole province, 9 batches of blood for clinical use in Wuhan have been aided by more than 2.38 million milliliters.

This year, 1.89 million milliliters of “love blood” from Henan has rushed to aid Beijing, Hebei and Hubei(2)


p >The picture shows that on June 10, some volunteers who donate blood for free in Zhengzhou were commended. Photo by Han Zhangyun

Since 2021, in accordance with the requirements of the National and Provincial Health Commissions, Henan has also supported six batches of 1.892 million ml of blood for clinical use in Beijing, Hebei, and Wuhan. The blood donation rate per thousand population of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, has reached 23.7‰, far higher than the national average of 12‰.

At the event site that day, the reporter saw that ordinary people were also actively participating in unpaid blood donation. Among them, Li Yujun, a 19-year-old boy who just took the college entrance examination, completed his first blood donation in his life and joined the Chinese bone marrow bank at the same time. He said that because his mother insisted on donating blood free of charge all the year round, and influenced by her mother, he also hopes to join the team of free blood donation, not only as a gift for himself, but also as a dedication of love.

Chen Yutong, a college student of Zhengzhou Normal University, completed his second blood donation and left a blood sample to join the Chinese bone marrow bank. “I can meet the conditions for blood donation, which shows that my body is very healthy. Good thing, others say that we are passionate young people, and I would rather be a passionate young man who devotes love and blood.” According to Ding Zhenyong, executive vice president of the Zhengzhou Red Cross Society, in our country 18 to 60 years old Healthy people can voluntarily participate in unpaid blood donation.

“There are two types of unpaid blood donation, whole blood donation and component blood. Donation of whole blood requires an interval of 6 months before donation again, and the interval of donation of component blood is 14 days. Donation of component blood is from human blood. A certain component can be isolated from the blood, which can be platelets, granulocytes, hematopoietic stem cells, etc., and the clinical demand for component blood is greater.” Ding Zhenyong said that dedicated blood saves lives, and every volunteer blood donation is great. Salute them. (End)