This year, the world’s only annular solar eclipse debuts today. Astronomical experts advise how to observe more safely and effectively

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International Online Report (Reporter Zhu Wanling):This year the world’s only annular solar eclipse will be in BeijingTime is staged today (June 10). Where can I see an annular solar eclipse? How to observe this astronomical phenomenon more safely and effectively? The reporter interviewed Qi Chaoxiang, a researcher at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are arranged in an almost straight line. Solar eclipses are divided into total solar eclipse, annular solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and total annular eclipse. If the moon is far away from the earth on that day, the apparent circular surface of the moon is small and cannot completely cover the sun, a solar eclipse will occur. Today’s (June 10) annular solar eclipse is the only annular solar eclipse that can be observed globally this year. Qi Chaoxiang, a researcher at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the area where the solar eclipse relies on the Arctic Circle has better observation conditions, and Heilongjiang and other places in my country can see partial solar eclipses of varying degrees.”(Solar eclipse) actually means that the moon blocked the sun. After blocking, it will form a shadow cone. Only people in the area where the shadow cone’s tip and the earth meet can see this ring. Eclipse. This annular solar eclipse mainly passed over the Pacific Ocean, and it was a place with a relatively high latitude. The most visible areas are countries in the Arctic Circle, such as Canada and Russia. People who are not in the cone tip area can only see some partial eclipses. In many areas of our country, this ring eclipse cannot be seen. The areas where the partial eclipse can be seen include Heilongjiang and other places, and the time will be relatively short, about 3 minutes.”

Astronomical forecasts show that the annular solar eclipse will begin at 16:12 on the 10th, Beijing time, and end at 21:11, lasting nearly 5 hours. Qi Chaoxiang said that the best observation time is around 19:00 Beijing time.”The real eclipse, which is the most obvious time, is around 18:40, (evening) almost 7 o’clock. At that time, the sun has not completely set in the northern region, and it should be visible.”

Qi Chaoxiang reminded that the observation of the solar eclipse needs to be protected to avoid direct viewing with the naked eye, especially not directly with the binoculars .”In order to protect the eyes, it is better to use Baden film as much as possible. Now Baden film can be bought online, and it is also very cheap. It is available for a few yuan or more than a dozen yuan. If you look directly with your eyes, it may be bad for your eyes. Harm, and more importantly, don’t look directly with the telescope. After the telescope is focused, it may directly hurt the fundus of the eye.”

It is understood that there will be a total solar eclipse on December 4 this year, due to the occurrence of Southern Hemisphere, China is not visible at all.