Three years probation, the U.S. court makes its first verdict on the Capitol shock case

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China News Service, June 24. According to the Russian Satellite Network report, on the 23rd local time, the US Federal Court issued its first verdict on the Capitol Building case, and a 49-year-old woman was sentenced to three years of probation.

According to reports, Anna Morgan-Lloyd of Indiana pleaded guilty to a charge related to invading the Capitol and was sentenced to three years of probation during which she was prohibited from possessing weapons and must Engaged in community service for 120 hours and paid a fine of $500.

Three years probation, the U.S. court makes its first verdict on the Capitol shock case


p > On January 7, local time, Washington, USA, after Trump supporters rushed into the Capitol and caused riots, a large number of facilities in the Capitol were destroyed and the scene was in a mess. The picture shows the medical equipment left on the floor after rescuing the injured.

She said in the sentencing: “I just want to apologize to the court, the American people and my family. I went there to peacefully express my support for former President Trump. I became I am ashamed of the violence. If I knew things would turn out to be like this, I would never go there.”

On January 6, 2021, some former U.S. President Trump’s supporters stormed Congress , Leading to the suspension of the joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives to certify the results of the state electoral college votes in the 2020 presidential election. Some demonstrators clashed with the police, one policeman and 4 demonstrators died, and about 140 policemen were injured. The US government filed more than 170 cases to investigate this matter. At present, nearly 500 people related to the incident have been arrested. Trump was impeached in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, but the Senate, which has only half of the Democratic seats, failed to pass and was acquitted.