Tibet’s first VR party building learning center opened

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China News Service, Lhasa, June 30th (Xun Yong) On the 30th, the Lhasa immigration and border checkpoint party building learning center was opened. This is also the first VR party building learning center in Tibet. It will also benefit the surrounding Airport New District Public Security Bureau and Lhasa Gongga International Airport Customs and other units.

It is understood that the digital venues of the Learning Center include more than 110 sections including the “Anti-Japanese War Pavilion”, “The 19th Party Congress Pavilion”, “New Era Pavilion”, “Party Oath” and “Hongyan Spirit”. From an all-round perspective, establish a three-dimensional party building education and training model that combines video, audio, and experience, including smart application scenarios such as party history learning, party building propaganda, party building education, party-mass services, and innovative application of VR technology to empower party building work and contribute to party building The work provides strong scientific and technological support and resource support, and further activates the “red cells” at the end of party building to lead grassroots governance.

Tibet’s first VR party building learning center opened


p >The picture shows the immigration management police, airport staff and others experiencing VR learning party history. Photo by Yun Yong

“The use of VR to learn party history provides us with an immersive and all-round learning mode to make party history learning and education alive. Relying on the’red + technology’ smart party building learning platform , Can carry out various forms of activities such as real-life experience, learning and observation, exchanges and seminars, and become a pioneer position for carrying out micro-party classes, party history lectures, and collective learning.” Said Zhaxi, deputy station director of the Airport Convenient Police Station of the Airport New District Public Security Bureau.

The political commissar Wang Xiangui of the station stated that in the future, the station will continue to rely on the VR Smart Party Building Learning Center to promote the joint creation of party branches, organize party history learning and education in a solid and innovative manner, and further create a full-member study. The strong atmosphere of the party history draws strength from knowledge, “from the truth and from the best” to firm belief in the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, bravely set the trend, and strive to create a new chapter in the development of party building with a high-spirited attitude, and greet with outstanding achievements The 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. (End)