“Time Theater” tour car will show classic movies on tour

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China News Service, June 9th, June 8th, “Witness the development of the motherland to pass on from generation to generation-a hundred classic films presents a celebration of the party’s centennial series of publicity and screening activities in Beijing The launch ceremony” was held at the China Film Museum.

“Time Theater” tour car will show classic movies on tour

Time Theater Touring Car . Photo courtesy of the event party

In order to give people a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the red classics and inherit the revolutionary spirit, the event specially invited Long Pingping, a researcher at the Central Party History and Documentation Research Institute, to provide people with a true historical perspective. Interpret the historical background and cultural influence of red classic movies.

The “Time Screening Hall” tour vehicle focuses on the inner connection between classic movies and the spirit of the times, integrating immersive flash-mob experience, open-air movie screening and other forms, through the “time poster wall”, “time phonograph”, and “time dubbing” Interactive experience sections such as “Room” and “Time Old Studio”, creating a new carrier for party history education.

“Time Theater” tour car will show classic movies on tour(1)

Activity site. Photo courtesy of the event party

According to the organizer, in the second half of the year, the “Time Screening Hall” tour car will carry out touring exhibitions in more than ten cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Gutian, Xibaipo, etc., through the screening of classic films and The film culture experience leads a broad audience, especially young audiences, into the historical scene in the century-long journey, resonates with the spirit of the times in classic images, relives the classic red story, and inherits the spirit of the red characters. (End)