To avenge the death of the door! Saddam’s daughter strives for the presidency, vowing to fight the United States to the end?

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A bottle of”washing powder” triggered a war between the two countries, Sa Damu became a prisoner from a generation of heroes, and eventually died in a foreign country. Daughter Lagarde tolerated for many yearsHigh profile appeared and strived for the position of President, Just to avenge father? On the most wanted list of United States, how did Lagarde escape the pursuit of the United States? What impact will her strong return have on the United States?

Since Saddam’s accident, his eldest daughter Lagarde has been living very low-key. It is rare to see news about her internationally, but in February, Lagarde suddenly accepted a Interview with TV station. Not only exposed the current superior life in the program, but also answered many questions related to Saddam.

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After the interview was broadcast, Lagarde attracted a lot of attention, and this unusually high profile also aroused internationally Hot discussion. Even Lagarde’s past experiences have aroused many people’s curiosity. As the eldest daughter of Saddam, the fifth president of Iraq, Lagarde’s life is destined to be extraordinary. Even her fate is closely connected with the fate of the Iraqi nation, and has witnessed the rise and fall of Iraq’s glory and shame.

Lagarde was born in Iraq in 1967. At this time, Iraq is at a time of turmoil, and Saddam, who has already joined the political arena, is extremely busy and has no time to take care of his wife and children. When Lagarde was one year old, Becker became the president of Iraq, and Saddam became his security minister. After that, Saddam became even busier.

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Saddam had five children in total, except for his eldest son who was killed by the US army in the war.Udai and the second son, Qusei, as well as three daughters. Nowadays, apart from the eldest daughter Lagarde, the other two daughters have had no news for a long time. As a politician, Saddam Hussein has always received mixed reviews from the outside world. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, Saddam is an autocratic tyrant, but in the eyes of Lagarde, he is a person who has a deep paternal love for children.

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Although Lagarde saw most of her father’s busy figure in her childhood; Grow carefree under pampering. In 1979, 12-year-old Lagarde’s life changed a lot. Becker resigned as president post, Saddam took over as a matter of course and became Iraq’s fifth term president. Lagarde also rose with his father’s promotion and became the veritable eldest princess of Iraq.

At that time, the situation was very chaotic. Iraq’s neighbor Iran overthrew American control. Under the leadership of the new leader, Iran became an anti-American representative. This has had a considerable impact on Iraq. In addition, Saddam has not yet secured his position as president after he first came to power, and Iraq can be said to have fallen into a situation of internal and external troubles. So young Lagarde was used to all kinds of intrigue in officialdom. The situation facing Saddam and his attitude towards the reactionaries had a great influence on Lagarde. This It also laid the foundation for Lagarde’s vigorous and resolute methods after he stepped onto the political arena.

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In order to deal with the ideology brought by Iran and to get rid of the difficulties encountered, Saddam believed that as long as the war Becoming a Arab anti-Persian hero will enable him to gain popular support in Iraq, thereby consolidating himself This move can win the support of the United States and the Soviet Union, and it will kill two birds with one stone.

So Saddam took the initiative to provoke a war against Iran in September 1980, which lasted for 8 years. The Iran-Iraq War. Both Iran and Iraq tried every means in the war, and they tried every means but still failed to defeat their opponents. The long-lasting war has left both sides in trouble, not only affecting the country’s economic development, It even brought turmoil to the people. But this turmoil did not have much impact on Lagarde, and Lagarde ushered in his 15th birthday during the war. According to local Iraqi customs, Saddam personally selected one for Lagarde. husse Hussein. Kamal Majid.

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Kamal’s outstanding performance in the Iran-Iraq War made him valued by Saddam, plus Maggie Germany is a very prestigious local family, Saddam intends to use Marriage to stabilize your position. Fortunately, Lagarde has always admired Saddam very much, so he has no opinion on his chosen husband. Not long after the two got married, Lagarde’s sister Rana also married the Magid family. Lana’s husband is Kamal’s brother, and the relationship between the two sisters is also pro-to-to-toe.

This way of marriage makes the Majid family a celebrity around Saddam, and it is used in Saddam’s reuse The power is getting bigger and bigger. Power often breeds along with ambition. The Majid family is no longer willing to be led by Saddam’s two sons, Uday and Qusai. Uday also robbed himself of the limelight because of his dissatisfaction with Kamal’s excellence, so the two sides continued to clash. At this time, the Iran-Iraq war was still going on, but people around him began to quarrel, which caused great trouble to Saddam. In order to appease the local sentiments of the Majid family, Uday was also imprisoned by Saddam for 40 days. This move still failed to ease the contradiction between the two sides. Uday was not only cruel, but also a small belly, and he could no longer tolerate the existence of Kamal.

The United States has always taken the opportunity to give all kinds of support to the Majid family for fear that the world will not be chaotic. The actions of the United States were noticed by Saddam, and his trust in the Majid brothers was greatly reduced. Just as the trust between the two parties broke down, Uday promised to deal with the Majid brothers.

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So in 1985, the Majid brothers who knew Uday’s cruel methods had to flee abroad with their wives and children. This was the biggest defect in Iraq during Saddam’s tenure. They also included Saddam’s two daughters. Although they were both married, Lagarde and her husband Kamal gradually developed feelings after getting along after the marriage, and she willingly followed her husband to flee abroad. Saddam was angry at his daughter’s defection, but was dragged by the war. Lagarde lived a relatively stable and peaceful life in Jordan with her husband.

In 1988, with the participation of the United Nations, Iraq and Iran finally ended their eight-year battle. Iraq’s economy was dragged down by this war, and its power was greatly reduced. The tens of billions of US dollars in foreign exchange have all been wiped out, and the people think that a period of stability can finally be ushered in. But Saddam was unwilling to stop there. In August 1990, the Iraqi army occupied Kuwait.

The United States has always been eyeing the resource-rich Middle East region, trying to cultivate its own strength there, and Kuwait has always been regarded by the United States. For their own turf. The cake in the mouth of the United States in Iraq’s move is undoubtedly a hunger for the tiger’s mouth. How could the United States easily let them go, so Western countries led by the United States launched the Gulf Waragainst Iraq. >. The Gulf War lasted for one year, and Iraq was beaten to the point where it could not stand up to it.

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Saddam’s ambitions were frustrated and finally began to honestly think of ways to develop Iraq’s economy. No longer affected by the war, Saddam finally has time to deal with his daughter’s defection. In 1966, under the coaxing of Saddam, Lagarde, his sister and their husbands returned to Iraq when they believed that the country was safe.

Lagarde did not expect that this was just a stopgap measure by Saddam, and Saddam would obligate it 3 days after returning to China Let Lagarde and Kamal divorce. Then their husbands died tragically on the street. This incident made Lagarde, who had always admired Saddam, very dissatisfied, and her relationship with Saddam also appeared to be estranged. After arguing with Saddam Hussein, Lagarde hated his father’s actions for making him lose his happy family, and even made a good deal of not being with his father for a lifetime.Preparation for settlement.

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What Lagarde did not expect is that in only 5 years, the outside world provided them with Opportunity for reconciliation. When Saddam was developing the Iraqi economy, he frequently touched the interests of the United States in the Middle East and caused strong dissatisfaction in the United States. Sanctions alone can no longer calm the United States, so the United States decided to give Saddam and Iraq a fatal blow.

In 2003, the United States launched a In a conspiracy, the US Secretary of State held a bottle of white powder and claimed that it was a”weapons of mass destruction” possessed by Iraq. After that, the United States started a war against Iraq on this ground. That bottle was later ridiculed by Putin as the white powder of laundry detergent, which became the chief culprit for the devastation of Iraq. After the Iraq War broke out, Lagarde passed the Hidden in Tibet in the escape life, everything else before life and death is not important, and Lagarde was able to reconcile with his father Saddam because of this. .

Lagarde fled from Iraq to Syria, and later the Jordanian royal family provided asylum for him. Lagarde had a hard time living in Jordan since he was a child. She lives with her sister and 9 children in a small room of only 70 square meters. When they were the poorest, they couldn’t even pay the rent.

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But here Lagarde met her second husband, a jewelry merchant named Muhammad Aksham . Muhammad first met Lagarde in 2001, when he fell in love with Lagarde, who was outstanding in character and image. But Muhammad moved to Jordan in his early years and did not have much chance to get along with Lagarde.

However, he has always been obsessed with Lagarde. After learning that Lagarde sought asylum in Jordan, he spent a lot of money Experience found Lagarde, and launched a passionate pursuit of it. Muhammad learned that Lagarde was living in poverty, so he gave her a large sum of money enough for their family to live. In order to protect Lagarde’s safety, he not only bought a house in the wealthy area, but also hired dozens of bodyguards to protect Lagarde’s safety anytime and anywhere.

Muhammad’s fierce pursuit made Lagarde a little moved, but at this time his father Saddam was still alive and dead, and Iraq was still in chaos. , Lagarde is not in the mood to consider personal feelings at all. Muhammad has been with Lagarde without complaint. In December 2006, Saddam, who had been hiding in Tibet, was found by the US army. Looking at her father who was pushed to the ground, Lagarde was very heartbroken. She had never seen her always tough father so fragile.

In addition, Uday and Qusai were also killed by the US army during Saddam’s arrest. Lagarde became the legal heir of the family. This girl, who was still in conflict with her father, supported the glory of the whole family with her thin body. She began to participate in various political activities as the family spokesperson. And putting aside everything in the past, he actively defended his father Saddam in the defense.

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Lagarde knew the intentions of the United States, but she still did her best to consult various documents and documents, and hired A team of 2500 lawyers defended Saddam. As long as there was a glimmer of hope that his father could be rescued, he would not give up. However, the war is a conspiracy, and it is impossible for the United States to let Saddam go. This was a trial that knew the end from the beginning, and Saddam was hanged by the United States in the end.

After Saddam’s death, Lagarde took over the family affairs in an all-round way. Although Lagarde has the demeanor of Saddam Hussein and acted tough and decisively, she has been alerting herself to remember her father’s lessons and constantly improve herself. But in countries where women have low social status, the hardships faced by women in power can be imagined. Lagarde has taken very difficult steps at every step. But fortunately, behind Lagarde, Muhammad has been silently giving her all kinds of support. The two held a wedding before Saddam was executed. Lagarde wanted to use this method to reassure his father, telling Saddam that he no longer hates him, and found his own happiness.

After Saddam’s death, Muhammad became Lagarde’s sustenance. Muhammad understands Lagarde’s responsibilities, and even after his marriage, Lagarde has been participating in politics with his support. Lagarde never gave up Saddam’s defense, and even told the world the last words of Saddam’s deathbed,”Iraq without Saddam is nothing.”

Now Saddam’s last words have become reality, and Iraq without Saddam has begun to emerge under American governance All kinds of problems, racial conflicts and tribal conflicts all show up one by one. With constant wars and gunfire everywhere, the people’s normal life can no longer be maintained. In the past two years, more and more refugees have appeared, and they have no choice but to start fleeing to other countries.

so many people began to miss Saddam’s era. Although Saddam was tyrannical, he was governed by , Iraq’s economy developed. It is precisely with Saddam’s presence that Iraq was exempted from the crisis of secession. Under such calls, Lagarde’s presence in Iraq has grown stronger. Lagarde also announced in the early years that he would fight for the presidency and fulfill Saddam’s last wish. Lagarde’s actions have brought a lot of trouble to the new Iraqi government, and Lagarde was once included on the US’s most wanted list. After being restricted from moving in Iraq, Lagarde settled in Jordan with her husband. With Mohammed’s help, Lagarde became a jewelry designer, and even designed it with the inspiration of Saddam Hussein and the map of Iraq. A jewellery that is loved by the public.

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However, Lagarde has never forgotten her responsibility. She has always been looking forward to returning To Iraq. In recent years, US troops have gradually withdrawn from Iraq. The situation in Iraq has gradually stabilized, and Lagarde has finally seen hope of returning home. As early as 2018, Lagarde had already released his intention to participate in the presidential battle. The public participation in the interview this time was also regarded by the public as a signal of Lagarde’s return. Many people are speculating that Lagarde will have a series of actions in the future, to strongly inform the public of her return, and to lay a certain foundation for the next fight for the presidency. Just the appearance of Lagarde is not good news for the United States. Saddam’s experience made Lagarde and the United States an old enemy. Many people said that Lagarde wanted to be president to help Saddam find revenge from the United States. Once Lagarde really becomes the president of Iraq, even if she is all about building Iraq, it will be a big problem for the United States. After all, the tempers of Lagarde and Saddam are exactly the same. Coupled with the Saddam incident, Lagarde will definitely be a member of the anti-American forces. With Lagarde hitting hard, she must be the existence that makes the United States more of a headache than Saddam.