Tourists pay “0” less, beekeepers report to the police for help, police investigating and recovering 72 yuan

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The payment for tourists is “0” less, and the beekeeper calls the police for investigation and recovers 72 yuan: for fairness and justice, value

Tourists pay “0” less, beekeepers report to the police for help, police investigating and recovering 72 yuan

The police transfer the money to Uncle Yin in person. According to Mianzhu police

Uncle Yin in Lutang Town, Mianzhu, Sichuan, usually on the side of the mountain road I set up a stall to sell honey to supplement my family, but this time I called the police for a jar of honey…

It turned out that on June 15th, a tourist passing by bought 80 yuan worth of it at the Uncle Yin’s booth. Honey, but he missed a “0” when paying by mobile phone. Later, Uncle Yin checked his mobile phone and found that the 80 yuan hadn’t arrived in the account, so he was anxious and dialed 110 to call the police for help.

After receiving the alarm, the police from Lutang Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Mianzhu City visited the scene to check the monitoring… After half a day of hard work, the police finally found the tourist in question, Mr. Yu, and helped Uncle Yin to recover 72 yuan. In this regard, many netizens praised the police for being serious and responsible and serving the people sincerely, which is “warm and warm.”

“The customer ran away without paying for honey…”

“Hey, 110? One of them left without paying for honey!” June 15 At 9 o’clock in the morning of the day, an alarm call entered the 110 command center of Mianzhu City Public Security Bureau for help. The caller was Mr. Yin, a beekeeper in Lutang Town, Mianzhu City. Uncle Yin is a local farmer. He usually relies on beekeeping to subsidize his family.

After the police from Lutang Police Station found Uncle Yin, they learned about the situation. Uncle Yin introduced that at 8 o’clock in the morning, a car was parked in front of his honey stall. A man about 40 got out of the car and asked for a price. After the two negotiated the price, the man bought a jar of honey for 80 yuan. .

Due to busy bagging, Uncle Yin did not check carefully while the other party scanned the QR code to pay. Not long after the man left, the old man remembered to look at his mobile phone and found that the 80 yuan hadn’t arrived. The uncle was in a hurry, and he hurried to call the police for help.

The customer missed a “0” due to negligence when paying.

After understanding the situation, the police visited the scene and called on-site monitoring to find clues. After a whole morning of hard work, the police successively retrieved surveillance videos of the area for more than one hour, and finally inquired about a black car that was consistent with the situation described by Uncle Yin. Finally, through the comparison, the police contacted the driver Mr. Yu through the vehicle information and asked him to check the WeChat payment record. Mr. Yu himself rarely uses mobile payment and is not familiar with the operation process. At 12 noon that day, he helped his wife Next, Mr. Yu retrieved the payment records and discovered that he paid 8 yuan to a person with a WeChat account named “Little Bee”.

“Who is the little bee?” Uncle Yin suddenly realized when asked by the police. It turned out that this was a misunderstanding: “The little bee is my wife.”

Investigating, the police finally understood the ins and outs of this matter. Wang Du introduced that on the same day, Mr. Yu scanned the payment code on the wall of the uncle’s sales point when buying honey, but he missed a “0” when making the payment. The payee was Uncle Yin’s wife “Little Bee”, and Uncle Yin himself Did not receive the money, mistakenly thought that the customer did not pay, and called the police for help.

Policy: The interests of the masses are nothing trivial. This is the hard money of the elderly

Finally, Mr. Yu transferred 72 yuan through WeChat and entrusted the police to transfer the 72 yuan to Uncle Yin. At about 13:00 that day, the police came to Uncle Yin’s honey sales point and handed over 72 yuan to him in person. “Thank you for your hard work!” He repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the police.

Although this matter was finally resolved satisfactorily, it also caused heated discussions among netizens. Many netizens praised the serious and responsible spirit of the police, but some netizens questioned whether the use of police force in this situation is a waste of police force.

“If I had been careful at the time, this would not have happened.” In an interview with reporters, Uncle Yin felt very guilty. Because of his negligence, he delayed the police all morning, and he was even a little bit Regret calling the police. But he thanked the police from the bottom of his heart: “The police took such trivial matters to heart and really thank them.” And Mr. Yu, who bought honey, also felt guilty for his carelessness, and entrusted the police to apologize to the old man.

Regarding this matter, policeman Wang Du said frankly in an interview: “The interests of the masses are no small matter. It is good to be able to help the elderly solve problems. This is also a practical matter for the masses.” The policeman said frankly that 72 yuan is for many people. It’s not a big deal, but for the beekeeper, it is his labor income, hard money, and not everything is measured by money.

The police are also reminding here: Merchants must check the amount in time when accepting mobile phone payments and receiving payments to avoid property losses.

“It is worthwhile and valuable to spend a little cost to achieve fairness and justice”

For this matter, Leng Xinhong, president of the Deyang Lawyers Association, also expressed his opinion on the police’s approach. Support attitude.

“You cannot invest the police in proportion to the size of the case and the loss. In order to achieve fairness and justice, we spend a little cost, it should be, and valuable.” Leng Xinhong believes, “It is difficult to find the police. “It is the standard set by the public security department. The interests of the masses are the basic requirements of all government agencies and departments. The needs of the masses are the direction of the police’s efforts. 72 yuan is indeed insignificant in today’s society, but Uncle Yin chose to call the police. Police handling cannot be simply measured by economic value. The police can deal with it to avoid further conflicts. It is a necessary action to maintain social stability, harmony, fairness and justice.

Leng Xinhong believes that in this case, these actions of the police are to maintain fairness and justice. “The interests of the masses are nothing trivial. We should praise the police in a serious and responsible attitude.”

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Wang Mingping