Two bowls of noodles and one fish cost 1488 yuan? A woman in Changchun said that she ate high-priced dishes at Ajisen Ramen, and the merchant has contacted and returned it

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On June 5th, Ms. Zhang from Changchun, Jilin encountered a”high-priced dish” when she was eating. Two bowls of noodles and one fish, paid 1,488 yuan.

At around 3 pm on June 5th, Ms. Zhang ate at the Ajisen Ramen Changchun Haoyue Dalu shop. In the restaurant where Ms. Zhang ate, the actual bill should be 148 yuan for two bowls of noodles and one fish. But because the staff in the store entered an extra 8 when receiving the payment, Ms. Zhang actually paid 1488 yuan, and the receipt she got for the actual payment also showed that the payment was 1488 yuan.

Ms. Zhang wants the merchant to refund, but the staff said that this is a national chain store, and their store does not have the authority to refund and must report to the headquarters. But Ms. Zhang has been waiting for four days and has not received any return calls, and the complaint call of the other’s national customer service headquarters has not been able to get through.

After things fermented online, on June 8, Ms. Zhang said that the merchant took the initiative to contact</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”11486881″ qid=”6595512446989899022″> span> her and returned the excess money.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou Lingru

Source:Xiaoxiang Morning News