Two trains collided in Pakistan, causing hundreds of casualties

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Two passenger trains collided in the Sindh province of southern Pakistan today (7th), resulting in at least 41 deaths and more than 100 injuries.

After preliminary verification by the police, there are currently no reports of Chinese citizens injured or killed in this accident.

Pakistan Railways spokesman Jabin said that a train carrying more than 700 people had a derailment accident in the Kodeji area of ​​Sindh province in the early morning of the same day, and several carriages overturned on the opposite track. A few minutes later, a train with more than 500 people on the opposite track derailed after hitting a car on the track. More than 11 carriages of the two trains were derailed, and at least 8 of them were seriously damaged.

After the accident, rescuers and local people immediately rushed to the scene to carry out rescue operations and sent the injured to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Two trains collided in Pakistan, causing hundreds of casualties

Witness: Seven or eight carriages were destroyed, and many passengers were still trapped in the carriages.

Due to the remote location of the incident, rescue is facing considerable difficulties. The Pakistani government has sent troops to the scene and deployed heavy rescue equipment.

Local officials said that rescuers tried to enter a carriage where about 25 people were trapped. The death toll is expected to increase further.

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Police Omar · Tufele: Four bodies can be seen in the carriage, but they cannot be removed yet. We are working hard.

At present, the cause of train derailment and collision is still under investigation.

The headquarter reporter is rushing to the scene of the accident

The headquarter reporter Cui Ru is currently on his way to the scene of the accident.

Receptionist Cui Ru: Now I am on my way to the scene. This morning, two trains collided in Sindh, Pakistan. At present, the local government and the military are jointly carrying out rescue work. The video sent from the scene shows that heavy machinery is starting to cut the top of the carriage, making a huge noise.

The Pakistani military participated in the rescue work this time. The army search and rescue team brought cutters, hydraulic expanders, life locators and search and rescue cameras to participate in the rescue work.

The latest news is that the drivers and crew of the two vehicles are safe. The wounded are also being transported at the scene. The seriously injured were transported away by military helicopter.

The “165-year-old” railway system accident may be in disrepair for a long time

By the way, railway accidents in Pakistan are more frequent, and there have been train fires before. Because the Pakistani railway system is relatively old, and according to relevant data, it has a history of more than 165 years. It is not ruled out that accidents may be caused by years of disrepair. Generally, the railways are relatively remote, making it difficult for rescue teams to reach the scene. We also counted and decided to arrive at the scene by self-driving. If we choose an airplane and a car, it may take longer.

Two trains collided in Pakistan, causing hundreds of casualties(2)

And me From Islamabad all the way to the south, it is getting hotter and hotter, and it feels more than 40 degrees Celsius. Such hot weather is very bad for the people trapped in the carriage.

Currently, on-site rescue is still underway, and we will continue to pay attention to relevant developments.