Ukraine’s huge meteorite impact dates back to 65 million years ago

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Geologists from the University of Glasgow confronted the huge The molten rock samples produced during the meteorite impact use the most advanced dating techniques.

The collision of the meteorite with the earth created a huge 15-mile-wide basin called the Boltysh crater. Over time, it filled with water and became a lake. Decades ago, scientists took samples from craters that indicated that the meteorite hit between 2,000 and 5,000 years before the large-scale impact of Chicxulub on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, ultimately leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Ukraine’s huge meteorite impact dates back to 65 million years ago

New research found that the Ukrainian impact occurred in Approximately 650,000 years after the Chicxulub impact. These findings can help to better understand how the atmosphere has responded to climate change in the past. The researchers selected four samples from two cores extracted from impact craters in Ukraine, which contained rocks produced during the impact and lake sediments accumulated over time after the impact crater was formed.

The age of these samples was determined using the argon-argon dating method, which measures the radioactive decay of potassium to argon. This decay is called the “rock clock” and allows researchers to determine when the rock formed. Analysis shows that the impact occurred very close to 65.39 million years ago, making it firmly locked after the Chicxulub impact that killed the dinosaurs in Mexico.