University teachers hurt people with stabs,”promotion or leave” is thought-provoking

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6/7, the first day of the national college entrance examination, almost everyone All of his attention is on the college entrance examination. After all, the children’s ten-year cold window career is about to end, and it is time to shine. This is indeed worthy of everyone’s attention. However, there is one thing that makes such a beautiful day not so good, because a shocking incident occurred in a university in Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai:a teacher at the school was killed by a knife. He held a grudge against his colleague and killed his colleague with a knife. No matter where such incidents occur, the impact is extremely bad, let alone universities.

Although there are so-called insiders, the killer has recently Because the assessment did not meet the criteria, the result was dismissed, and the victim was the person who announced the dismissal decision to the murderer . Regardless of the reason, since it has happened, I hope it can arouse people’s deep thoughts so that such a tragedy will never happen again!

Let’s take a look at the domestic Ascend and leave, such phenomena as temporary workers!

01, Domestic non-promotion and goSituation

In the past few years, China has learned the non-promotional strategy abroad. It is to give young teachers relatively high salaries and a higher starting point (for example, Associate professors and even full professors, of course, are specially hired. Masters and PhDs are also allowed, and the normal sequence takes many years to achieve). Although this method is indeed very stressful for many people, it is also a way to solve the employment problem. However, since such a thing has happened, it is time for us to pay attention to the domestic situation of non-promotion or demise, but it is also very contradictory. Let us talk about the contradiction.

The root cause is:Doctor exceeds demand.

Six Fei:Come to me

High-quality students:Going to nm has no future

High-achieving students:give me a chance from a prestigious school

Prestigious schools:come to do temporary jobs, love come or not

02, non-promotion or leave-temporary workers

non Although it is a recruitment strategy, the price paid is:strict evaluation, Rise and go.

For example, Wuhan University was engaged in this two years ago, 119 people Among the teachers assessed, only 4 passed the assessment and the elimination rate was as high as 97%.

For these young teachers, it’s miserable. After returning to China for three or four years, Basically is busy adapting to the environment and doing Scientific research is also difficult to produce large results, but the results are evaluated, you think about otherSchool, but other schools are not stupid.

You are an older youth, and you have been in scientific research for several years After that, it may almost be abolished, and it may not be as good as a young young man who has just joined the job.

Plus a few years of familiarity, people change Refined.

So, if you need to go up or go, I want to find a cheaper Getting off home is not easy.

This is the case with Jiang in this incident. First Go to Su University, then go to Fudan, after 6 years of non-promotion, I did not meet the criteria, but I was 39 years old, coupled with the divorce, basically it can be said that I was in a serious life crisis.

It’s just a pity that the deceased, he just suffered on behalf of the school.

But is the school really wrong? This is another content I want to say.

03, the school’s helplessness-more monks and less porridge

In fact, over the years, the reason behind the emergence of”promotion” is that there is a surplus of talents. .

In 2008, my country’s doctoral degree was awarded The number officially surpassed United States, becoming the world’s largest doctoral degree granting country. Up to now, my country graduates PhD every year More than 60,000. This is a very large scale, coupled with a large number of returned overseas students, it can be said that my country’s PhD It is seriously overweight.

Faced with this situation, the school’s opportunity Not many, a stable school, the demand for teachers is basically fixed, how can there be such a big gap. So the”Special Employment” series appeared. Anyway, they are temporary workers. In fact, everyone knows it well.

In normal schools, dozens of teachers are retired a year, In theory, dozens of teachers have also come in. These teachers often need to start step by step from lecturers—associate professors—professors. After all, the number of places is limited. .

And the special personnel? They often climb to the sky in one step —— directly treat associate professors and even professors. It will take many years for ordinary teachers to obtain master and doctoral instructors, but they all have special appointments as soon as they come in, and the salary is even more disparity. The latter can be several times that of the former.

In this case, it is naturally benefits and risks Matched.

Now many schools have a large number of special appointments, many It is said that ducks can reach thousands of people a year. So many people, according to their scale, in the end, they can only remain dozens of them, and only the rest Can find the next home.

In fact, that is, the process of willing to bet and lose, If the bet wins, join the formal ranks of the school, lose and change places.

It’s just that some people are unwilling to give up, extreme The ground became like this.

04, what I have seen over the years

In the final analysis, if universities are strictly restricted and follow the traditional sequence, then there will be 4,000 colleges and universities across the country every year, and the gap is estimated to be 10,000 people. The remaining 50,000 to 60,000 people will not be able to enter the regular teacher sequence. What should these people do? Therefore, if you don’t have to go up, you can go, although it’s the only way out. However, over the years, what I have seen is:

1. There is a lot of complaints about whether to move or move. The pressure is too high and the future is uncertain

2, others still have no hesitation to join this sequence, and they have to grab it.

3, essentially , The balance of supply and demand is still broken, resulting in too many doctors.

Finally, it’s really hard to talk about who is right and who is wrong now. Maybe it is necessary to correctly shape the doctor’s outlook on life. Doing scientific research is not the only way to enter colleges and universities, and we must lower our expectations.

By the way, combined with our view of a bunch of green peppers:“Go if you don’t rise or leave” carefully. The pit is not small.

05, how to solve it? The Stone of Other Mountains

Speaking of which, the problem already exists, so how to solve it? Solution:Ask first.

Actually, it was not our country’s first invention to “lift and move”. A very mature “lift and move” model has been formed in the United States, and it did not cause such drastic results. So, how did the United States solve it?

The answer is:strictly control the entrance.

In the United States, colleges and universities are not free to recruit non-promotion, they will evaluate the school’s gaps and give corresponding For the same position, the school will not recruit multiple people, but choose one person based on the best, to ensure that the person basically matches the requirements of the school. Next, the candidate enters the non-promotion sequence. After several years of assessment, he meets the school’s standards and stays in a permanent position. If he can’t stay, the school will continue to recruit.

It can be seen that the solution in the United States is:strict control. Only one person entered the non-ascend-and-go sequence from the same position. However, in our country, a big change has taken place. At the same position, there are several or even dozens of people who enter the non-ascension and go sequence at the same time. Whether they can stay in the end depends not only on personal achievements, but also on the individual Sorting in the non-rising and go sequence.

It can be said that for the United States, most of the non-promotional prospects are clear, even if it is as strong as Harvard University, there are also close to two-thirds of non-promotional personnel who can become a formal sequence. Looking back at China, Wuhan University only 3%of people can stay after entering the non-promotion and leaving, and the difference between the two is as high as 20 times.

Therefore, the best solution is The method is:the school strictly controls and strictly controls the non-promotion or leave quota. It is not allowed to recruit non-promotion or leave at will, let alone recruit a large number of people like gu, and then leave only a few people in a few years.

For others, Doctors who enter prestigious universities should be encouraged to be backward compatible, enter other colleges, and even enter the industry. Only in this way can the entire non-promotion and go-to-go form truly form Virtuous circle, not the situation that will cause a large number of people to face unemployment in a few years.

Of course, we must also strengthen the education of PhDs’ psychological expectations, so that more outstanding talents can enter the industry instead of being crowded in In a prestigious school.


p data-track=”75″>As for other strategies such as comprehensive restructuring and expanding the scale of colleges and universities, the procedures are generally slow and difficult, and they are not feasible at the moment.