Visiting the front line of Nansha epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou: Working together to warm people’s hearts

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China News Service, Guangzhou, June 15th title: Visiting the front line of Nansha epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou: Working together to warm the hearts of the people

On June 12, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Zhujiang Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou The prevention and control headquarters received a pregnant woman asking for help. The pregnant woman was quarantined at home in the enclosed area alone. Due to the hot weather and her inconvenience, she was unable to replenish daily necessities in time.

After receiving the report, the Zhujiang Street Prevention and Control Headquarters responded immediately, quickly arranging personnel, allocating vehicles, purchasing daily necessities, and delivering them to the “three-person team” to the pregnant women’s homes. It only takes 30 minutes to deliver warm meals and daily necessities to his home.

For the past few days, in the streets and lanes of Nansha, people can always see a group of medical staff and volunteers wearing protective suits, red vests, and blue vests… They come from all walks of life and come from daily life. However, ordinary people who have passed by are willing to choose to gather together during this important period to tide over the difficulties together.

Afterwards, the pregnant woman living alone said that she did not expect the food and supplies to be delivered so quickly, and thanked the headquarters and the “three-person team” for helping to solve the urgent need.

The person in charge of the Nansha District Grid Center said that considering that the pregnant woman is isolated at home alone, the headquarters has also specially formulated a plan, and a “three-person team” will be arranged to follow up the pregnant woman’s situation and help in time Solve the difficulties of life.

Visiting the front line of Nansha epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou: Working together to warm people’s hearts


p >Volunteers are instructing people to fill in relevant information. Photos provided by the Nansha District Government

In addition to the “fast” response speed, the staff on the front line of the anti-epidemic response are also “accurate”.

Longxue Street, Nansha District, combined with the actual situation of the jurisdiction, through the “four-division method” management order mechanism of “regions, time periods, populations, and distances”, to gather medical staff, volunteers, and streets, Companies, community workers, etc. work together to serve the public to complete nucleic acid testing.

The relevant person in charge of Longxue Street, Nansha District, said that they used sub-regions to reduce the flow of people, time to improve detection efficiency, people to improve service quality, and distance to reduce crowds to ensure maximum assurance Nucleic acid testing for all employees is carried out normally and efficiently.

Based on the actual situation, the street will set up multiple nucleic acid detection points inside large enterprises, near port buildings and comprehensive bonded areas, and around community residents and migrant workers.

At the same time, Longxue Street, in order to reduce the waiting time of the people as much as possible, and improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing for all employees, according to the coverage area, determine the detection objects by time, and use two hours as the unit to divide the time by unit and department. Notify the test subject to accept the nucleic acid test.

In addition to the staff who stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic, volunteers wearing volunteer vests are also indispensable forces to fight the epidemic.

On June 13, the third round of national nucleic acid testing in Nansha District began. The Youth League Committee of a state-owned enterprise carrying out project construction in Nansha once again docked with the local street office and organized company young volunteers to rush to the three nucleic acid testing sites in Dayong Village to carry out service guidance, order maintenance, and nucleic acid testing registration. This is the third time they have assisted the entire district in nucleic acid sampling.

This group of engineers who have been building roads and bridges on weekdays have quietly “upgraded” to “skilled workers” who assist in nucleic acid sampling during the three rounds of nucleic acid sampling volunteer services. In this round of volunteer work, the company quickly divided the volunteer team into day shifts and night shifts, rotating day and night to ensure uninterrupted services, orderly guiding residents to scan code registration, queuing for testing, and patiently answer the attention of nucleic acid testing to the public. For more sexual questions, help contact the medical staff to answer, and carefully enlighten the tested persons who are emotionally stressed.

It is understood that in the three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all employees in Nansha District, this state-owned enterprise organized 111 volunteers to Huangge Town, Dayong Village, Tangkeng Village, and Nanheng Village to carry out volunteer services. The cumulative duration of volunteer service exceeds 600 hours, and the total number of people served is more than 23,000.

Like this state-owned enterprise, organizations that silently organize volunteers to participate in the fight against the epidemic. There are still many in Nansha. The volunteer team formed by them not only reduces the tasks of medical staff and staff, but also To help people feel more at ease in the fight against the epidemic. (End)