Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax! ?

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Chinanews.com client, Beijing, June 10th. Question: Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax!

Ten years of cold window, one hand in paper. The mentality of parents expecting their children to become a dragon has made many businesses focus on the “college entrance examination economy” market. For example, filing voluntary fee-based services has developed rapidly in recent years, but is it worth the money for parents?

Tianyan Check data shows that there are currently 1,500 companies in my country that include “volunteer reporting” in their names or business scopes, and nearly 90% of related companies have been established within 5 years. Among them, more than 330 companies were registered in 2019, and more than 550 related companies were newly added in 2020. From a geographical point of view, Hebei has the largest number of more than 900 relevant enterprises that have volunteered to report, and Inner Mongolia and Shandong rank second and third.

After sorting out, it is found that the fee quotations of voluntary service organizations range from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax! ?

The price of college entrance examination volunteer consultation is not Philippines.

Some people say that “filling in the volunteers is equivalent to 10 more points in the exam”, but is this money necessary? Volunteer reporting is a technical activity that matches scores with college admission scores to improve accuracy. However, media surveys found that some so-called “volunteer reporters” rushed to work after only a few days of training, and even answered unsolicited questions. Therefore, how can they be responsible for their children’s future?

Furthermore, many of the suggestions of “volunteer applicants” come from the one-by-one list of each province and the admission scores of various colleges and universities in previous years, but these are all public information. Why should parents pay for the anxiety created by the business? Here, parents are advised not to spend any wronged money.

Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax! ?(1)

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How to apply for college entrance examination without spending money? Here, the author shares the decision-making process and experience that he volunteered to report to the majority of candidates for reference.

The author took the Henan Liberal Arts College Entrance Examination in 2014, with a score of 580, which is 44 points above the first line. Judging from the admission results, it was 2 points away from the admission line of the first choice, and the second choice was not admitted. He was finally admitted to the first major of the 985 colleges and universities in the third place, and it did not cost a penny to fill in the volunteers.

How to do it? By querying the province’s one section table, I know that the individual ranks about 1500 in the province’s liberal arts students. Since the examination papers are different each year, the scores fluctuate greatly, and the admission ranking is relatively stable, so when selecting schools, the method of “ranking as the mainstay, and scores as the supplement” is adopted.

The author uses online tools to determine about 10 colleges and universities with similar admission rankings and scores, and compares and averages their admission rankings and scores in the past three years to determine their popularity and admission trends. A piece by piece table shows that in the vicinity of 1500, there are about 150 people for each point. This is the most important basis for us to reach the top and keep the bottom.

According to the Henan college entrance examination policy of the year, candidates can fill in six colleges and universities. The author appropriately pursued the first and second volunteers, and chose the colleges that had an admission ranking of about 1000-1200 in previous years, and converted into admission scores, which means 2-3 points higher than his own score. Although the legend of “picking up” has been heard from time to time, the author believes that rushing higher is not equal to taking risks, so he did not choose a higher goal.

Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax! ?(2)

Morning of June 8 , The parents waved goodbye after sending the candidates to the test site of the 19th Middle School in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Photo by Liu Zhankun, a reporter from China News Service

The March 4th Volunteer strives to maximize the use of scores, and chooses colleges and universities that have been enrolled in the past 200 places. Here, the author chose Ocean University of China and Shandong University’s Weihai campus as the third and fourth volunteers, and the result was the successful admission of the third volunteer.

Five-six volunteers are a guarantee, and the author believes that there is no need to be too conservative. Here, I chose two universities with admission scores 3-5 points lower than my own, and converted into a ranking of 2000-2500 in the province. Facts have proved that that year, the admission rankings of the two universities still remained within this range, and there was no problem with guaranteeing the bottom.

During the period, the author also consulted the opinions of the head teacher, college admissions office, and alumni with similar rankings in the college entrance examination in the past two years, and went to the relevant college post bar for consultation, and used multiple online simulation filling tools Query the probability of admission.

Volunteer reporting services cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is collecting IQ tax! ?(3)

Many websites have been launched Simulate voluntary services.

To sum up, in the process of choosing a school, the most important information is a list of sections and college admissions over the years. The author has also received an advertisement for the service of volunteering for the college entrance examination, but after multiple confirmations, he has no unique skills. The accuracy of the application is already quite high based on public information, so he decided not to spend money and check the information all the way to fill in the volunteer. .

Finally, I wish the majority of candidates will do what they want, maximize the benefit of their scores, and be admitted to their favorite colleges and universities! (End)