Wenzhou notified the investigation of imported confirmed cases and related cases:the husband and son of the confirmed patient tested positive for nucleic acid

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Source:Published by Wenzhou

The patient Wang Moumou, female, is from Ruian, Wenzhou City, living in Wanquan Town, Pingyang. On May 10, 2021, he returned from Italy with her husband and underwent medical observation for 21 days in an isolation place in Beijing after entering the country. During this period, 4 nucleic acid tests were negative. After lifting the quarantine on June 1, I took flight CA1539 and arrived at Wenzhou Longwan Airport, and was picked up by his son Li Mouer in Pingyang County Wanquan The town lives. On the morning of June 9, the patient was drove by his daughter to the fever clinic in the Wansong District of Ruian People’s Hospital due to physical discomfort. The nucleic acid test was positive, and the comprehensive epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, and laboratory test results were diagnosed as imported from abroad. A confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia. He is now receiving isolation treatment at the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and is in stable condition.

After the outbreak, our city quickly launched an emergency plan. Pingyang County and Ruian City immediately carried out flow adjustment, personnel control, nucleic acid testing, etc., and implemented closed management in the communities where patients live. As of 14:00 on June 10, 242 people in close contact have been investigated, and 829 people have been closely contacted, all of which are under control. 72,791 people completed nucleic acid testing and 14554 test results, of which 14,552 were negative and 2 were positive (1 case was an imported case from abroad, the husband of the confirmed patient Li, who returned from Italy together, and the other case was none The symptomatically infected person is the son of the patient who lives together, Li Mouer). Effective disinfection has been implemented in all places involved in the epidemic.

In the next step, our city will strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements, further increase its work, speed up flow traceability and nucleic acid testing, strictly implement closed-loop management of close and sub-closed personnel, and carry out full assistance to patients. Keep the epidemic to a minimum.

Source:Wenzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group Office