WFP executive director calls attention to the hungry people in Madagascar

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China News Service, Beijing, June 24. According to the news released by the United Nations World Food Program on the 23rd local time, WFP Executive Director David Beasley recently visited Madagascar and said that the entire community in the southern part of the country They are all hovering on the brink of hunger. After witnessing the invisible crisis that is covering here, they call on the world to pay attention to the hungry people in Madagascar and take and speed up actions.

“I met women and children struggling to survive. They were healthy before, but now they have to walk for several hours to reach our food distribution point.” Beasley in the area The Nutrition Center said.

WFP executive director calls attention to the hungry people in Madagascar

The malnutrition rate of children under five is alarmingly high, which will endanger the lives of some children. Photo by the World Food Program

“In Madagascar, successive droughts have pushed communities to the brink of hunger. Many families have suffered and some people have died of severe hunger. This is not war or conflict, but It is caused by climate change. Madagascar is not responsible for the occurrence of climate change, but now, people here bear the most serious price.”

The World Food Program said that southern Madagascar is experiencing 40 In the once-in-a-year drought, 1.14 million people were food insecure. Among them, it is estimated that 14,000 people are already in catastrophic food insecurity. By October, this number will double to 28,000.

WFP executive director calls attention to the hungry people in Madagascar(1)


p >Tamaria and her three children live in Fandiova, one of the most serious villages. Photo by the World Food Program

The severity of the situation has forced thousands of people to leave their homes in search of food, and the remaining people have to take extreme measures to survive, such as looking for food in the wild. Due to the remote location of the community and the weak road infrastructure, few people can enter the area. The acute malnutrition rate of children under five in Madagascar has almost doubled in the past four months to an alarming 16.5%. Ambwembé is one of the most severely affected areas, where the child’s acute malnutrition rate is 27%, which is life-threatening for many children.

Beasley said: “This is enough to bring tears to the strongest humanitarians. For months, people have been eating raw red cactus fruits, leaves, and locusts for a living. Drought threatens success. Thousands of innocent lives, we cannot ignore the people here. Now is the time to act and continue to support the government of Madagascar to curb the tide of climate change and save lives.”

Since the end of last year, the World Food Program The Agency has been working closely with the government of Madagascar and other partners to solve the serious hunger problem. But as the crisis deepens, people must make more efforts. Last week, Beasley met with the Prime Minister of Madagascar and senior government officials to discuss emergency and long-term solutions to this crisis. (End)