What is the meaning of life?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Today, Fei Zhe asked me what is the meaning of being alive? I said to have any meaning, to live just to live, how many people have meaning to live?

Fei Zhe asked me what I am after again? I said that I am a big layman, money and women are just two things, my lifelong pursuit. Fei Zhe:Don’t you pursue honor, glory and reputation? I said that they are all imaginary, what the imaginary stuff is going to do. Fei Zhe said you don’t have much spiritual pursuit? I said I do. I love watching videos and listening to novels. Isn’t everyone the same? Who doesn’t have any spiritual pursuit?

Fei Zhe said that you were killing time, and I said that chatting with me is also killing time? Fei Zhe said it was different, and I said what was different. Fei Zhe was silent for a moment and said, in fact, it is the same. What do you say is the meaning of human existence? I said you are old thinking what this stuff does, the word meaning is invented by humans, otherAnimals can’t think about meaning and things like that, don’t they live it?

Fei Zhe said that I realized, I ask you what did you realize? Fei Zhe said:There is no need to think about life, just act according to what you think in your heart at the moment. I said no, these people were either arrested and sent to a mental hospital or sent to jail for crimes. Fei Zhe said:Human society has many constraints. After all, human beings are different from animals. They must follow their hearts under certain constraints. I said:Can you follow your heart even if you are bound? It’s all marionettes.

Fei Zhe:When did human beings become marionettes? I said:Thousands of years ago, rule the class in order to manage the people below, and add people through culture It has been put on a series of spiritual shackles such as morality, regulations, and class. Fei Zhe:What do you think? I said:How can I see, I am also a marionette and I am not the protagonist of jumping out of this world rules , I can’t change my life to break the rules of this world.

Fei Zhe:Who sets the rules of this world? I said:The god who created this world. Fei Zhe:Do you believe in God? Me:How did this world come from without God? Waste Zhe:Big Bang naturally produced. Me:Where did the universe come from? Fei Zhe:I don’t know. Me:That’s not the end. Fei Zhe:But believe in science. Me:In other parallel universes our science is magic. Fei Zhe:Have you been to other parallel universes? How do you know? Me:I heard what others said, I don’t know if I have been there, maybe I have been there, but I forgot. Fei Zhe:You can really bullshit.

Me:It may be a bit of a joke now, but it may prove to be true in the future. For example, the earth is round. Wasn’t it considered nonsense by many people in ancient times? Fei Zhe:What is the meaning of life? Me:What meaning is needed? I suggest that the word meaning be erased from human society, so that not so many people will think about and ask various meanings all day long. Fei Zhe:You are terrible, but fortunately, you cannot write the rules of this world. Me:Do you know who wrote it? Fei Zhe:It is neither you nor me. It is written by all things in this world. Me:Can you really talk nonsense, the rules in the game are written by all the characters and animals in the game? Fei Zhe:This is not a game. Me:You know again.

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