What should a harmonious married life be like

By yqqlm yqqlm

First of all, here is a point of Zen saying that God rewards hard work. A good man should be responsible. Since he has chosen his other half, he should accompany her forever, no matter what happens in life, yes. Your partner should have respect and awe. For the woman, money can solve 99%of the world’s problems in life, but in this society, if you want to lie in the arms of a man and not work Laziness, the final result will destroy the family, so if two people want to go on with each other for a lifetime, they must respect and awe each other and treat each day’s life with heart! In this way, you can go on forever!

For social occasions, the woman is bound to give a good man face, [Of course! You can clean him up after you get home]! For the man, it is most important to keep making money every day and do a good job in his career. Those who succeed in their careers must remember that after they have their significant other, don’t get into trouble. No matter how beautiful a woman is, it’s nothing more than a pair. The skin is nothing. Such a third party only cares about your money. After you spend the money, you will find that she will kick you away. So in such a situation, please stay awake, otherwise a man It will be very miserable, in the midst of feasting and feasting, you will start to talk accidentally!

Finally, the author wishes the lovers of the world will eventually become family members. I hope you can all hold hands and walk forever until the day you get old, and you can still snuggle together!