When asked about the outcome of the summit, Biden got angry in front of the camera? Russia-US relations may be difficult to bridge

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China News Service, June 18th. According to a comprehensive report, US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on the 16th in Geneva, Switzerland. The two sides reached a limited consensus on the launch of the bilateral strategic stability dialogue between Russia and the United States, but there are still clear differences on issues such as Ukraine and human rights. After the meeting, when Biden was asked by reporters about the outcome of the summit, he was even more unhappy. In this regard, the analysis believes that it is not realistic to significantly improve Russia-US relations through this meeting.

When asked about the outcome of the summit, Biden got angry in front of the camera? Russia-US relations may be difficult to bridge


p >The picture shows Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Biden having talks in the villa.

When asked about the outcome of the summit, Biden became angry in front of the camera

Biden and Putin met in Geneva, Switzerland on the 16th. The meeting lasted 4.5 hours, including a break.

Putin praised the results of his meeting with Biden that day, saying that Biden is a shrewd negotiator. He said that the atmosphere of the talks is very friendly, and the two sides have “determined the key positions on which the two countries can approach.”

But at the same time, Putin refuted the statements that “Russia is sending more troops near the eastern border of Ukraine” and that “the United States accuses Russia of being responsible for the cyber attacks suffered by the United States.”

In the press conference held after the Biden Summit, there was also an episode. Biden was enraged when a female American journalist asked about the outcome of the talks, and even reprimanded the reporter for “wrongdoing”. However, Biden publicly apologized to her a few hours later.

According to reports, CNN White House chief reporter Collins asked at the time, “Why are you so sure that Putin will change his behavior?”

Biden immediately turned around and raised his index finger. , Approached the reporter’s lens and said displeased, “I’m not sure that he (Putin) will change his behavior.” Facing the reporter’s question, “Is this a constructive meeting?” Biden said, “If you If you don’t understand this, then you are in the wrong line”, then turned and left.

A few hours later, Biden apologized for his words and deeds, but at the same time complained that reporters “never ask” positive questions.

Having a good start, it is difficult to bridge Russia-US relations

The analysis believes that although Putin evaluated the two sides at the press conference for “constructive dialogue”, they did not show hostility to each other; Den also said that the atmosphere of the meeting was “good and positive,” but this episode also reflected the limited results of the Russia-US summit.

The US media pointed out that due to the obvious differences on issues involving Ukraine and human rights, it is not realistic to expect the relations between the two countries to improve significantly through this meeting. It is a “small step” win-win situation in the deadlock.

The New York Times believes that the two have shown professional diplomatic respect, but it is obvious that they have hardly bridged their differences.

In addition, Biden also revealed that some of the issues are left to a working group composed of high-level Washington to resolve, and the progress will be reported in 6 to 12 months.

Pomeranz, deputy director of the George Kenan Institute of Advanced Russia in Washington, analyzed that this is a “good start”, but other results of the summit still need to be waited.