When will China allow Indian citizens and students to travel to China? Response from the Ambassador to India

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The Chinese Embassy in IndiaEmbassy website news on June 8, June 7 in India Ambassador Sun Weidong was invited to hold a video dialogue with the Indian Youth Leaders Federation and teachers and students of some universities in India. Part of the content is as follows:

Question:Nowadays, some Indian citizens and international students cannot go to China because of the epidemic. They are eager to return to China to continue working and studying. When can China release relevant restrictions?

Ambassador Sun:Recently, many Indian citizens, especially international students, have left messages online, expressing their desire to study in China or continue their studies. I understand this very well, and I am pleased with the spirit of overcoming difficulties and working hard to study in China.

Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world. Countries are formulating corresponding epidemic prevention and control measures according to their own conditions. Both Chinese and foreigners should be able to understand and strive to comply. International travel will increase the risk of infection and have a huge impact on yourself and the destination country. Recently, confirmed cases were again found in Guangzhou, China. Beginning on May 21, Guangzhou has launched a large-scale nucleic acid investigation on the public. As of June 5th, the accumulated test samples reached 16 million. It can be seen that China has made great efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

I can tell you clearly that the Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of international students in China, and requires relevant universities to maintain close contact with overseas students and carefully arrange online teaching. Properly handle students reasonablyconcerns and appeals. On the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, China will coordinate the study of the resumption of foreign students in China and maintain communication with all parties on this. On the premise of ensuring the health and safety of Indian students, the embassy will also encourage students to continue their studies in flexible and diverse ways and provide them with relevant conveniences.