Which day you live is destined

By yqqlm yqqlm

When death comes to chase you, you will die anyway.

Slowly let go of these”I should”. In fact, while letting go of these”I should”, you are also learning to let others go.

Because there are a lot of”what should you do” for others, you do not meet my standards, I think”you are not right, you should be more serious, what should you do So…” That means I have a lot more demands on the world than I do now.

Respect the impulse of the body and the instinctive impulse.

This kind of inexplicable sense of body makes you very magical about others.

If we are accustomed to what we think”how and how”, for example, you Obviously I’m very tired, and you said:”No, you can’t miss the yoga class today, otherwise I will be able to Stiff…” or something. In fact, your body is constantly telling you something. It is a dream (in a way) that continues to progress when you wake up. You continue to receive information from Soul’s Message.

To learn how to hear the sounds of your body /span>. If we live in those”shoulds” that our mind thinks, people will really miss a lot thing.

If you are in the same country as your body, you will make good use of your Illness to understand what your soul is saying.

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