Without “fists and hugs”: “Pubai Meeting” ended, what did the two talk about?

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China News Service, June 17th. On June 16, local time, a “blockbuster” meeting that attracted the attention of the world kicked off in a villa named La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland. The protagonists were Russian President Putin and US President Biden.

In view of the “freezing point” of Russia-US relations, the outside world is very concerned about the results of this meeting. During the three-and-a-half-hour meeting, the two discussed a wide range of issues including strategic stability, regional stability, and network security.

After the meeting, Biden said at a press conference that Putin had no intention of launching a “new cold war” with the United States. The dialogue was generally good and positive. Putin also said that the talks were “not hostile.” Quite constructive”.

Without “fists and hugs”: “Pubai Meeting” ended, what did the two talk about?

local time on the 16th, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Biden shook hands and greeted each other at the La Grange Villa in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before this meeting, Putin bluntly pointed out that Russia-US relations “have deteriorated to the lowest point in recent years”, and said that he did not expect any breakthrough in this meeting. And Sullivan, the US President’s National Security Affairs Assistant, also said: The US does not expect significant results from the meeting.

Although the two sides exchanged ruthless words before the meeting, after all, it is a face-to-face meeting, and the surface etiquette should be there.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Putin took the opportunity to fly to Geneva and went straight to Villa La Grange. After Putin arrived at the meeting place, Biden arrived about 12 minutes later. The two took a photo with Swiss Confederation President Palmland in front of the front entrance of the villa, and then the two shook hands to greet each other. The first to reach out was Biden.

After a brief greeting at the door, the two heads of state entered the villa and started small-scale talks. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, US Secretary of State Brinken, and interpreters from both sides also attended the meeting.

However, the Associated Press also pointed out that the “Pubby Party” was a bit embarrassing at first, and both Putin and Biden avoided looking directly at each other. Before the meeting, the reporters were also “in chaos.” Some people pushed around and yelled at others to move their positions.

It was reported that the “Pubai meeting” lasted about 3 and a half hours in total. Expectations were shortened, and Putin and Biden held separate press conferences after the meeting.

Without “fists and hugs”: “Pubai Meeting” ended, what did the two talk about?(1)

local time on the 16th, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Biden held talks at the La Grange Villa in Geneva, Switzerland. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Brinken also participated in the talks.

The conversation involved strategic stability, regional stability, and network security.

After the meeting, a source from the Russian delegation revealed that the talks between the two were “quite successful.” Putin himself also stated that he had “good talks” with Biden.

According to the press conferences held by the two parties after the meeting, the two parties mainly talked about multiple sensitive issues such as strategic stability, regional stability, and network security.

Regarding strategic security, the Kremlin revealed that after the summit, the two issued a joint statement on strategic stability and confirmed the two countries’ adherence to the principle that “there is no victor in a nuclear war”.

Putin said at a press conference after the summit: “The United States and Russia have a special responsibility for world strategic stability, at least because we are the two largest nuclear powers.” Putin added that he has already agreed with Biden agreed to initiate strategic stability consultations between the two countries’ departments.

Putin also confirmed that the ambassadors of Russia and the United States will return to their countries of residence. Due to the deadlock in the relations between the two countries, Russia recalled its ambassador to the United States Antonov in March this year to discuss the prospects of Russia-US relations. A month later, the United States imposed large-scale sanctions on Russia, and the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Sullivan returned to Washington.

However, when the reporter mentioned that the United States accused Russia of militarizing the Arctic, Putin said: “If the relevant countries, including, or especially the member states of the Nordic Council, work together to resolve these issues Problem, I have no doubt that all solutions can be found.”

Putin also pointed out that the two sides agreed to discuss network security issues. He told reporters that this dialogue was absolutely constructive, and the two agreed to start consultations on cyber security. But it is also mentioned that most cyber attacks in Russia originate from the United States.

However, the Associated Press pointed out that there was no “fist” or “hug” in this meeting. After more than three hours of meeting, the two “still stood firmly on their original positions.” In fact, apart from the handshake on arrival, Biden and Putin had little interaction when facing the media. Putin said that Biden did not invite himself to visit the White House during the meeting.