Women’s psychology

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Why do women like to follow fashion?

   No need to talk about anything else, just think about the situation of making a new dress.

  ”You have a good eye. This is a color that is recognized to be popular soon. A figure like you is no longer suitable.”

   heard this In other words, women will fall into the trap almost without exception. However, such a case can often only have an adverse effect on men. Usually men are hesitant to the cutting edge of fashion. Therefore, if you say to him:

  ”This is the high-end gentleman’s suit this season, and this is the one that has been ordered the most.”

  He will”I have one too!””There are not many men like this. Why is this?

   likes to follow the fashionable psychological conditions, there are three points as follows:

   First, it is a kind of curiosity, such as the immediate appetite for new food.

  Second, it’s hope to stand out, hope Show off the”authoritarian desire”.

   Third, if you are different from others, you will feel ashamed, and you will not want to be left behind.

   First, there is a big difference between individuals, and there is not much difference between men and women. However, when it comes to fashion concerns, men mostly start from the third point, while women’s second and third points are both important.

   The second and third points seem to be contradictory, but the two often coexist in female psychology. Once this year’s style was promoted, many people rushed to it, regardless of suitability, wearing it and striding forward. The second group of people immediately followed suit. So there is a flood of the same styles on the road.

   So designers and behind-the-scenes manufacturers, coupled with the spread of everyone, have played a new fancy, such an endless loop. There is evidence for this statement, such as the length of the skirt. In the past 100 years, it has been rising and falling like an elevator, repeatedly. This is the result of commercial propaganda.

   Men are not worthy to laugh at this situation. The so-called”authoritarian desire” can be satisfied by men by status and titles, but women have no such way. Therefore, it has its lasting difficulties to play in the clothing.

   Everyone hopes to have a temporary escape from reality. Men have alcohol, mahjong, billiard rooms and other methods, but women don’t. Only catch up with fashion-even if you can’t wear it, just look at it.

   This can also be said to be the weakness of women. Therefore, men can’t help but suggest:”It’s okay to follow the trend, it’s best to feel sensitive. To suit your personality. Don’t surprise people!”

  Why do women always remember somethingboring The matter?

  ”The female celebrity is divorced! I got married a few years ago, a certain month and a certain day. Alas…”

  ”People marriedDay, you remember so clearly.”

  ”That’s because we went together that dayThe day when the department store bought a wardrobe. When I came back, I forgot my umbrella.”

  Women actually remember the boring things of this kind of sesame mung bean, and men are often amazed by it. Unmarried girls are almost rare. Once I was invited to attend the graduation ceremony of women’s University.

  ”The teacher has always been very good. Isn’t it necessary to wear glasses when you start the lecture?”

   also has this:

  ”Remember some Miss certain?”

  ”Uh, is it the one who often curls her hair inside?”

   If you listen to them talking about memories, you will find that they are trivial I remember so much. I can’t help but think that if I can remember so much of what I learned after spending a lot of tuition fees, I don’t know how good it is.

  Why women can play such excellent memory in some trivial things in the past ?

   First, it is clear from the results of psychological experiments that women are better at”mechanical memory” than men.

   Second, it is the result of limited living space. This can be explained as follows:Men are in Office, you need to deal with leaders, colleagues, meetings, business trips, receptions, etc., otherwise it is golf, mahjong, life is complicated and diverse. A woman’s life is relatively complete, and many trivial matters are related to each other.

   But the reason is more than that. Women have a habit:”cherish the past, easy to nostalgia.”

  ”When you think about it, you are really innocent. When you say in my living room,’Please marry me, I will make you happy’ At that time, there were a few beads of sweat leaking from the tip of your nose.”

   Hearing this, the man couldn’t help but gasp.

   Men have the mentality of forgetting trivial matters as much as possible. Especially things that are unfavorable to oneself can easily be forgotten.

  ”Hey, didn’t you agree clearly then?”

  ”Really?… Did I say that?”

Did you really forget it, or did you pretend to be confused? This is not easy to judge.

   Men always want to remember important things logic. Women just want to remember the most impressive things as they feel. However, sometimes there are unexpected benefits.

  ”Oops! Where did the business card that the salesman left last time? I have to make a phone call and maybe send it again.”

  ”It’s 282187, right?”

  ”It’s amazing, how can I remember it?”

  ”Because that person is so annoying and smiling, so I remembered it.”

< p>   Men should not look down upon this incredible memory too much.

  Why are women particularly sensitive?

   There have been long-term comments on women’s sensitivity.

All the evidence of matches, restaurant receipts, etc. at the bar are thrown away I thought it was foolproof before returning home.

  ”I’m exhausted. The company wants me to receive a major shareholder, but it’s really a difficult guy.”

   You think that acting can get a full mark, but you didn’t expect it to be a big deal. Look broken.

  ”A deceit. Don’t try to hide it from me, let’s get it honestly.”

   This kind of”wisdom eye” unusual sixth sense, universal husband is only a surprise.

  Why is the feminine feeling so sharp?

  The reason is that, first, men are superior to logical thinking, while women are superior in intuitive perception. For example, in order to grasp the truth or reality of a certain matter, a man will deceive layer by layer and rely on logic to reason. If you run into difficulties halfway, you have to give up.”It’s too complicated, I don’t know.”-This is his conclusion.

  Women don’t care about this, and don’t take logic and other cleverness in their eyes. They cherish the impression that flashes to their minds in an instant.

  ”Hey, this is a bit weird!””Weird”-why weird? She couldn’t say it, but she would not let go of the glances of both sides, the momentary expressions, the circumstantial changes in speech, etc.

   On this point, unmarried women are no different. A colleague who often goes to the movies together said:”I won’t be able to watch it next Sunday. A former classmate wants to see me.” At this moment, a thought flashed through her mind:” It’s a bit unreliable? I’m not going to go on a blind date, right?” We met in the morning and saw that I did cut my hair out. So she was confident. He greeted her, her face turned sideways.

   This kind of feeling, of course, there are times when the bull’s head is not right, but it’s not much worse.

  ”I feel so accurate, even I am a little scary.” There are no few women who say this.

  ”It was like this when I was studying. Today, I recite the text in English, maybe I will pick it up, or it will rain on the day of the trip, all of which will be guessed.”

   And now , She loves Mr. K slightly. One Sunday.”Now if I go to the corner to post a letter, maybe I will meet him who came out to buy cigarettes.” Her inspiration</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”20399018″ qid=”6542809853067302147″> span> emerges, so you might as well give it a try. Go out for a walk, oops, come here! Why is it so accurate?

   The second reason is that women’s range of activities is relatively more restricted, their daily life is monotonous, and the content is relatively simple. Unlike a man, the little book in his pocket is full of writing, busy and complicated. Therefore, women can focus on one thing. And it is better to explore the connection between something and other phenomena. For example:

  ”Yes, there was one time last month, I bought some snacks very late, and when I was drunk, I went to take a bath. Maybe it had something to do with this one. ……”

   Also, it is very sensitive to the closeness, similarity, and intermittent state of affairs. If a colleague A wears a tie with a navy blue and red pattern to go to work, he will panic and sometimes laugh out unconsciously; or every Friday at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, he will suddenly leave his seat and call outside. , This type of information often becomes the basis of their keen sense.

   However, thirdly, although”I can’t even think of myself”, it is actually not that bad. In the human mind, there are hundreds of thousands of thoughts and distracting thoughts in a day, just like blisters on the river, which live and die. Most of them will be forgotten. Rarely, some people’s forgetfulness fails, and they suffer from”distraction phobia”. The feeling is also the same, some are accurate, some are not. Men are easy to forget about both sides, but women especially remember them, so they think they are very accurate. For the mystery of feeling, men should still be a little in awe, this is a golden mean.

  Why do women like to imagine?

  Which is rich in the imagination of women and men? This cannot be generalized. But if you ask who likes to imagine, it’s definitely not a woman.

   participated in the radio station or TV singing competition, and became a red singer. The recorded record was a sensation…I was spotted by a scout on one occasion, so I became a star, became the protagonist, the photos were flying all over the sky, and also appeared on the cover of the magazine…Even if it’s not that big, for example, I will meet every day in school. Handsome college student, maybe one day he will suddenly speak to me…

  ”If he suddenly wants to date me, what shall I do?…”

  This What kind of long son a college student said to me:”When I graduate from college, please marry me!” I had to answer:”It’s too sudden, I have to consider…” Dream, most women will have it once or twice. Why do women make such boring dreams?

The fundamental reason for    is that women’s intuition is superior to reasoning, and that they like to cherish the inner world. Suppose that from the stimulus of A, imagine the scene of B and C. In men, they always want to find a connection between A, B, and C. Therefore, the wings of fantasy will not fly too high or far. For women, they often take a theoretical leap with no effort, and follow the intuition to the dream world floatingfloating /span>, and this kind of floating in women is a kind of fun. Men always have a kind of self-reflection power. They consciously are”too boring” (to be correct, they should be shy), and immediately stop floating, but women have a dream, produce another dream, and float infinitely.

   The second reason is that women are more free time than men. When a person is busy and a little overworked, it is impossible for him to dream of dreams. Due to the electrification of the home, housewives have more leisure time. TV shows are all day long for love, love, and yelling endlessly, so she can’t help but wander in the world of fantasy.

   The third reason is that the gap between desire and practice is larger for women than for men. Let alone, man, if he wants to have a drink to warm up tonight, he will immediately invite a colleague to the small shop. What about women? I wanted to go to the department store, but the child would be back from school soon, or the clothes had to be washed well, so she had to interrupt the idea. Generally speaking, the greater the gap, the greater the mental depression, and naturally will be imagining Searching for the world of Vent, some extremes will startDaydream is coming.

   To sum up, women are always in a state of”fire up” to fantasy from time to time, so after a little stimulation, they start to move.

   When the husband came back from get off work, he accidentally said:”The section chief is hospitalized. I heard that it is a stomach ulcer. It’s so pitiful. I have to go and see it tomorrow.” This sentence alone is enough to make the wife’s dreams. The rocket went into space.

  ”It’s gastric ulcer, but it may actually be gastric cancer. No matter what, it will take a long time. Maybe you will take a long vacation or something. The fool in my family can be regarded as a cron of the Secretary. In this way, the day he will be promoted to section chief may unexpectedly arrive early. Then I am the section chief’s wife, and the neighbor’s wife doesn’t know what will happen. Hey……”

   in the kitchen The fish smelled of burnt, but she was still Tao Ran getting drunk. However, men can’t laugh at them, only because she is a wife, she will paint this illusion for her husband. You said, who would hold this kind of dream or hope for you?

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