Yuan Longping, the central axis application for the Beijing middle school examination questions

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On the first day of the Beijing High School Entrance Examination, more than 85,000 junior high school candidates participated in the Chinese and Mathematics examinations; 9 requests for help were obtained from the traffic police in time

Yuan Longping and the central axis applied for the postgraduate entrance examination questions

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At 7 o’clock in the morning on June 24, Dongzhimen Middle School exam center, the exam teacher is one Candidates take temperature. Photo by Beijing News reporter Li Muyi

On June 24, the 2021 Beijing Junior High School Proficiency Examination will begin, and the subjects of the exam will be Chinese and Mathematics on that day. The reporter learned during the interview that many candidates reported that this year’s language and mathematics was not difficult and the answers were smooth.

According to the arrangement, this year Beijing has set up a total of 17 examination areas, 405 examination centers, and 6770 examination rooms, with a total of more than 194,000 candidates taking the test, of which more than 85,000 candidates for the third year and 109,000 candidates for the second year Yu name.

Beijing traffic control department launched a high-level attendance program to provide timely assistance to candidates seeking help in emergencies. As of 9 o’clock, the municipal traffic control department has received 9 requests for help from candidates and parents, and they have all provided timely help.

“Believe that children can perform at their best”

At 4:30 pm on June 24, with the end of the math subject test, the first day of the Beijing High School Entrance Examination came to an end. Outside the test center of Beijing No. 50 Middle School, the grandmother of an examinee told reporters that when the child takes the middle school entrance examination, the family is not nervous at all and believes that the child can perform in the best condition.

Many candidates choose topic one for composition.

On the morning of June 24, the exam was for Chinese subjects. As in previous years, this year’s high school entrance examination still has a choice of one for the Chinese writing topic. The number of words is required to be between 600 and 800, and the score is 40 points.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education that the title of the writing question is based on the phrase “Man is like a seed” by Yuan Longping, winner of the “Medal of the Republic” and “Father of Hybrid Rice”. Candidates think about it, and write an essay with “Being a Seed of ____” as a topic. The second topic is an imaginative composition. If there was a phone that could span time and could call anyone in the past, who would you call? What do you want to know? What will happen after the fight? The question asks candidates to start with “I hung up the phone that spanned time”, write a story, and make their own questions.

Shortly after the exam, related topics such as “Yuan Longping Takes the Beijing Senior High School Entrance Examination Composition Questions” attracted the attention of many netizens on Sina Weibo.

During the interview, many candidates told reporters that they chose a topic for writing. At the Longtan Middle School test center, an examinee told reporters, “When preparing the material, I read a lot of Yuan Longping’s stories, and also prepared a lot of materials related to the epidemic and the Winter Olympics. I didn’t expect it to be “detained”.” Candidates said that they answered the Chinese papers smoothly.

Some candidates reported that the difficulty of mathematics was moderate.

At 4:40 pm, the candidates gradually walked out of the examination room after the math test was over. An examinee told reporters that the difficulty of the math test was moderate and that he had learned the knowledge he had reviewed. Therefore, he became more relaxed as he wrote, but he failed to test the tangent theorem after several months of review, which was a little regrettable.

At the test center of Dongzhimen Middle School, an examinee told reporters that the math test was moderately difficult, and he answered “okay”.

The reporter noticed that most of the examinees who walked out of the examination room had a relaxed expression, and many people discussed the examination questions with their classmates as they walked. As soon as Mr. Li took the exam at the Longtan Middle School test center, he was dragged by his mother to check carefully whether there were any documents and other items left. He told reporters that he had not done one of the small questions of a big mathematics problem. “Other feelings are okay, and the answer is very smooth.”

The central axis application guides students to understand their hometown

A number of experts from Beijing Education Examination Institute, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences and other units said that this year’s Chinese papers adhere to the orientation of cultivating people, pay attention to the examination of the language foundation, and at the same time pay attention to the transfer and application of knowledge, and the problem Solving and thinking process.

The “Basic·Utilization” part uses “Beijing Central Axis Application for World Material Cultural Heritage” as the material to guide students to pay attention to Beijing’s heavy historical and cultural heritage; the multi-text material is related to “Beijing’s construction of a smart city”. It reflects the modern side of Beijing as an international metropolis… Experts from the Beijing Education Examination Institute said that the Chinese paper test questions emphasize the characteristics of Beijing and guide students to understand and love their hometown.

Reflecting openness and paying attention to the thinking process are also a major feature of Chinese papers. The dictation test questions can choose ancient poems and sentences learned in junior high school, or answer the questions by choosing ancient poems and sentences accumulated in elementary school or outside class, which reflects the organic combination of students’ usual language learning and language accumulation and application examination.

There is a lot of room for “a seed” to play.

Experts said that the composition proposition continues to adhere to the orientation of morality and cultivation, and guide students to compare their own growth with the model of the times and the destiny of the motherland. , The happiness of others, the change of history, and the combination of thinking about reality and prospects for the future.

For example, the title of the composition is derived from the phrase “Man is like a seed” by Yuan Longping, the just-deceased “Republic Medal” winner and “Father of Hybrid Rice”. How to draw strength from the role model and think about what kind of person you want to be is the most important ideological orientation of this topic for students. On the other hand, this topic is particularly suitable for students’ real life and real experience. The little “seed” is a vigorously growing teenager. This is the basic point for students to observe themselves; “What kind of seed do you want to do?” “Seed” is the growth point of students’ thinking. Students should connect their thinking with real life: they can be a luminous seed that brings warmth and hope to others; they can also be a seed that strives to absorb sunlight and absorb nutrients to promote their own tenacious growth; It can also be a seed to spread energy and inherit culture, so that one’s own life can realize its due value… The composition topic has certain restrictions and greater freedom, and students can play a very broad space.

9 requests for help and timely help from the traffic police

On the first day of Beijing’s high school entrance examination, the municipal traffic management department launched a high-level attendance program to strengthen key road sections, main roads and ring roads in the city. To guide and maintain the points, deploy the iron cavalry traffic police to strengthen road patrols, and carry out key patrols on the roads around the test sites to ensure the safety and order of traffic around the test sites. At the same time, the traffic control department has also strengthened video inspections, strengthened the duty of 122 alarm station personnel, and provided timely assistance to candidates seeking help in emergencies. As of 9 o’clock, the municipal traffic control department has received 9 requests for help from candidates and parents, and they have all provided timely help.

At 6:30, the traffic police and coordinators responsible for the maintenance of traffic order in front of the entrance examination centers in Beijing all arrived at their posts, and prompt signs and mobile guardrails were also placed in place. At around 7 o’clock, candidates arrived at the test site one after another. Under the command of the traffic police, the vehicles sending the test stopped and left, and there was no traffic jam around the test site.

At 7:34, the 122 police station received a message from a parent asking for help. When the parent and his daughter arrived at the entrance of the Peking University High School Affiliated High School, they found out that they did not bring their ID cards. The parents hurriedly returned to their homes near the College Bridge to pick them up. Because it was the morning peak, they were worried that they would not be late on the way back, so they called the police for help. After receiving the police, the Zhongguancun Brigade of the Haidian Transportation Detachment immediately contacted the parents by telephone, and at the same time mobilized the nearby iron cavalry traffic police to wait at Baofusi Bridge. Just after 8 o’clock, the parent’s car finally appeared, and the Tieqi traffic police immediately took the ID card and rushed to the test center. At this time, the test center has released the candidates into the venue first according to the preliminary plan. The staff is waiting for her ID card to be delivered. After the traffic police arrives, they will finally ensure the candidate’s smooth reference.

1 Candidates and parents should ensure that candidates bring all kinds of documents in advance, and try to go out as early as possible to ensure that they can arrive at the exam room on time and take the exam smoothly.

2 The test sites in urban areas are mostly near residential areas and hutongs, and parking spaces around test sites are relatively insufficient. Please pick up the parents of test takers to stop and leave, and obey the instructions of the police on duty.

Beijing News reporter Yang Feifei, Qi Wang, Su Ji, and Pei Jianfei