Yuanwang 6 has completed the Shenzhou 12 marine measurement and control mission and returned to Hong Kong, and is preparing for follow-up work

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China News Service, Beijing, June 22 (Guo Chaokai, Qi Chuang Duan Hanhong) A reporter learned from the China Satellite Marine Monitoring and Control Department on the 22nd that on the evening of June 21, my country’s third-generation aerospace ocean-going survey ship Yuanwang 6 was successfully completed The Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft returned safely to the home port of the China Satellite Marine Monitoring and Control Department after the maritime monitoring and control mission. In this voyage, the Yuanwang 6 ship lasted 29 days and safely sailed more than 5,000 nautical miles, making important contributions to the complete success of the two launch missions.

On June 17, the world-renowned manned launch mission of Shenzhou 12 was successfully carried out. Yuanwang 6, which was far in the Pacific Ocean, discovered and captured the target as soon as the rocket took off and reached the arc of measurement and control. , Which effectively guarantees a number of key actions such as manned spacecraft’s orbit and solar sailboard deployment, and provides important data support for the spacecraft’s orbit determination.

Yang Bianjiao, the captain of the Yuanwang 6 ship, introduced: “In the Shenzhou mission, as the only marine monitoring and control point, from the discovery of the target to the end of the tracking, our ship has sent cumulative shipments, including the deployment of solar panels. Many important commands from the astronauts, and real-time feedback of the astronaut’s image and voice information, successfully completed the maritime measurement and control mission. This mission is also the 70th maritime measurement and control mission completed since the completion of the Yuanwang 6 ship.”

Yuanwang 6 has completed the Shenzhou 12 marine measurement and control mission and returned to Hong Kong, and is preparing for follow-up work

Yuanwang Photo courtesy of the China Satellite Maritime Observation and Control Department of Ship 6

This year, China’s space launch missions are intensive. As an important part of China’s aerospace measurement and control network, Yuanwang No. 6 ship’s maritime measurement and control missions are also fuller. On the way back, the scientific and technological staff on board have already begun preparations for follow-up tasks. It is understood that after returning to the home port, the ship will undergo a small range of personnel rest, and most of the personnel energy will be devoted to the ship’s inspection and repair and subsequent task preparation.

“Since 2021, the entire ship’s scientific and technical personnel have set sail continuously. So far, they have gone out to sea for more than 130 days and successfully completed 6 marine measurement and control missions. Many of our crew members have not been able to do so since they left home at the end of last year. Reunite with family members. After returning to our home port, we will take into account the actual situation and coordinate the implementation of personnel rest and reorganization, plant maintenance and task preparation, etc., to ensure that the personnel’s thinking is absolutely stable, and to lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of follow-up tasks.” Yang Bianjiao Say. (End)