Zhuji, Zhejiang, encountered the strongest precipitation since meteorological records this morning, causing 2 deaths and 2 loss of contact

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to the Weibo news published by Zhuji, this morning, Zhuji City has a once-in-a-hundred-year high-intensity, short-term and sudden extreme weather, which is the strongest precipitation since Zhuji has a meteorological record.

As of 6:30 on June 10th,Ma Jian, Tao Zhu, Yao Jiang, Wuxie, ying The accumulated rainfall of Dianjie and other towns and streets exceeded 170 mm, the largest Taozhu Baimen was 241.6 mm, the maximum hourly rain intensity at Yaojiang Zhuyuan was 95.8 mm, and the city’s average rainfall was 60.5 mm. According to the”Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief in Zhuji City”, the Zhuji City Defense Agency immediately initiated an emergency response, requiring all towns and streets and relevant departments to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers and emergency rescue to effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. More than 2,000 rescue workers have been dispatched and 1835 people have been transferred.

So far, 2 people have died, 2 people Lost contact, the lost contact personnel are doing their best to search and rescue. At present, the water level of the main rivers has gradually fallen to the normal water level, and the production and life of the people have been restored in an orderly manner.