9 Chinese citizens died and more than 20 injured, Pakistan said the shuttle bus exploded due to malfunction, dispatched military aircraft to transport the wounded

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China News Service, July 14th. On the 14th local time, a bus exploded in northern Pakistan, killing 13 people, including 9 Chinese citizens, and injuring many others. After the incident, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan confirmed that the attendance bus for the Dasu Hydropower Project in Cape Province, which was undertaken by a Chinese company, suffered an explosion. The Chinese Embassy asked Pakistan to carry out rescue and treatment at all costs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan issued a statement on its website saying that the mechanical failure of the shuttle bus caused a gas leak and an explosion, and further investigations are underway.

Foreign media claimed that the explosion caused 9 deaths and 28 injuries to Chinese citizens

AFP reported that 13 people were killed in the bombing, including 9 Chinese citizens and 28 Chinese citizens Injured.

9 Chinese citizens died and more than 20 injured, Pakistan said the shuttle bus exploded due to malfunction, dispatched military aircraft to transport the wounded

One would not disclose The local government official with the name told AFP that the explosion caused the bus engine to catch fire and the vehicle fell into the canyon.

A senior local police officer confirmed the incident and said that “this is a serious explosion, but its nature is not yet clear.”

Reuters reported that in addition, a Chinese engineer and a soldier were missing. Pakistan’s rescue operation has already begun.

The highest police officer and inspector general of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the incident occurred, said that among the victims, there were two soldiers and two locals.

The Chinese Embassy requires Pakistan to make all-out efforts to treat it.

Pakistan said the shuttle bus exploded due to a malfunction, and military planes were dispatched to transport the wounded

After the explosion, the website of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan The announcement confirmed that the shuttle bus for the Dasu Hydropower Station Project in Cape Province, which was constructed by a Chinese company, suffered an explosion on its way to the construction site. So far, 9 Chinese personnel and 3 Pakistani personnel have been killed. Pakistan is investigating the cause.

9 Chinese citizens died and more than 20 injured, Pakistan said the shuttle bus exploded due to malfunction, dispatched military aircraft to transport the wounded(1)

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Screenshot of the website

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan activated the emergency plan as soon as possible, contacted the Pakistani military, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and other relevant departments to request Pakistan to carry out rescue and treatment at all costs, and strengthen its response to China. Security of institutions, projects, and personnel in Pakistan, and as soon as possible to find out the truth of the incident. The Pakistani military has organized rescue operations at the first time and dispatched helicopters to transport the wounded.

The latest news shows that the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs website issued a statement stating that the vehicle exploded due to a gas leak caused by a mechanical failure and fell into the canyon. Further investigation is ongoing. The local government is providing all possible assistance to the injured.

The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Pakistan and China are close friends and “hardcore brothers.” Pakistan attaches great importance to the safety of Chinese personnel, projects and institutions in Pakistan.

Foreign media also reported that the entire government agency of Pakistan has been mobilized, and the military dispatched helicopters to rescue and transport the wounded.

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 14th that China expresses condolences to the Chinese and Pakistani personnel who died in the attack, and condolences to their families and injured persons. .

Zhao Lijian said that Pakistani security forces have taken measures to control the situation, properly transfer and treat the wounded.

The security situation in some parts of Pakistan attracts attention

These calls for help must be kept in mind!

In recent months, there have been several explosions and attacks in Pakistan, and the security situation has aroused concern.

On April 21, local time, the Serena Hotel in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province in southwestern Pakistan, was hit by an explosion, killing at least 4 people and injuring 12 others. According to the investigation, the vehicle containing explosives was parked in the hotel parking lot, and the explosion was triggered by an improvised explosive device installed on the vehicle. Afterwards, the Taliban organization declared responsibility for the incident.

At the time, Pakistan’s Minister of Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the Chinese delegation led by the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan was about four people staying in this hotel that day, but when the incident happened Already went out to participate in activities.

Ahmed said that the incident was part of an “international conspiracy against Pakistan.” He also pointed out that news shows that anti-Pakistan forces have been relatively active recently, and more terrorist attacks may occur in major cities such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Karachi. Related departments have issued warnings on this.

On May 31, local time, there were two attacks against Pakistani security forces in Balochistan, Pakistan. One of the security forces exchanged fire with terrorists. 4 Pakistani soldiers were killed and 6 injured, and 4 terrorists were killed. 7 injuries. Subsequently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned the attack on social media and said that Pakistan will continue to combat terrorists and will not allow terrorists to disrupt local peace and development.

On June 23, local time, an explosion occurred in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province in eastern Pakistan. At least 2 people were killed and 15 others were injured. The injured included police, women and children.

Witnesses said that the explosion caused damage to many buildings and many cars. The relevant departments of Punjab Province launched an investigation into the explosion.

On July 7, local time, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi issued a security reminder that at present, the security situation in Pakistan’s Balochistan province is still very severe and security incidents occur from time to time.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi remind Chinese citizens not to go to Balochistan for the time being. Chinese citizens and Chinese-funded institutions in Sindh and Balochistan should be vigilant and pay close attention to the local government In accordance with the safety information issued by the embassies and consulates in Pakistan, strengthen prevention and emergency preparedness, and adopt strict security measures when going out. In case of emergency, please report to the police and contact the embassy or consulate in Pakistan in time.

The following are some contact information for seeking help:

Pakistan emergency rescue telephone: police: 15, first aid: 115