98 people died! The body of the last missing person found in the building collapse in Florida

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China News Service, July 27th, a comprehensive report. On the 26th local time, Daniela Levin Cava, the county magistrate of Miami-Dade County, United States, stated that the last missing person in the building collapse in Florida has been The identities were found and confirmed, and the death toll in the incident reached 98.

98 people died! The body of the last missing person found in the building collapse in Florida


p > According to a statement from the Miami-Dade County Police, the victim was 54-year-old Estelle Hidaya.

Kava said that the Miami-Dade County police will continue to collate evidence to “ensure that all identifiable human remains are found.”

The ruins of the South Building of the Champlain Building that collapsed on June 24 have been basically cleaned up, and the rubble has been moved to a warehouse in Miami. Although the forensic examiner is still inspecting the ruins in the warehouse, the police said that the place where the apartment was erected no longer has the remains of the victim.

For the past four weeks, the search and rescue team has been struggling to carry out search and rescue and debris removal work. The problems they encountered included instability of the remaining building structure, repeated fires, and the high temperature and thunderstorms in the summer of Florida. . Before finally announcing the completion of the mission, the search and rescue team searched more than 14,000 tons of broken concrete and steel.

On July 23, the search and rescue team that had been working at the collapsed building site for a month officially ended the site cleanup.

When talking about the rescue work, Note, a member of the Second Task Force of the Miami Fire Department, said: “The work is very difficult. Every day there is a lot of pressure. You can’t help but think, if you My daughter, what will happen to your family’s death, the involvement of the child is even more heartbreaking.”

It is still unclear what will happen to the collapse of the building. A judge wanted to sell the property at market price, while some apartment owners wanted to rebuild, while others said that a memorial should be built to commemorate the dead.