All encounters in a person’s life have cause and effect

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There is gathering in the world There will be separation, parting and reunion are the norm in life.

Life is always going on in goodbye, seeing or not seeing in life, and often involuntary.

Every time we say goodbye, we are used to saying”next appointment, see you another day”, but this is often a promise that cannot be fulfilled.

So cherish the meeting and say goodbye.

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Assemble and disperse are not by people

gathering and dispersing in a hurry, ancient and modern people are the same.

Spirited Away says:

“Life is a train to the grave , There will be many stops on the road, it is difficult for someone to accompany you from start to finish.”

Each of us There is a way to go, a destination to reach, only occasionally meeting in a crowd.

I often separate in a crowd of people, and at the end, I am the only one left to end the journey.

Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu passed by the residence of his young friend Wei Ba Shi on his way to office, and he was pleased to visit his old friends.

Twenty years have passed since the last parting. When I visited my friends again, I couldn’t help but sigh the amazing changes that time has brought to people.

The boy next door who has not yet got married, suddenly, his temples are frosty, his children are full, and he has become a family host.

The two friends who have not seen each other for many years are together again, and they are very happy with each other. They must share their old feelings with each other, and it’s too late to tell everything In the past, friends urged their children to quickly put the wine and dishes.

These meals include fresh leeks personally cut by a friend who braved the night rain, as well as freshly harvested rice this fall for him to try. .

The two have a rare opportunity to meet. This time we meet, we must have a good drink and not get drunk.

However, togetherness is always short, and separation is inevitable.

“Tomorrow will be separated by mountains, and the world will be lost.”

After tomorrow, Du Fu will continue on the road, and his friend will continue his country life. The two will again be separated by thousands of rivers and mountains, and I don’t know when they will see each other again.

It’s hard to see each other and it’s hard to leave. It’s never easy to get together.

We are all in a hurry, meeting by chance, rubbing shoulders for a long time, separated by time and space, can’t step past, see you To the surface, in the crowd, each ups and downs.

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Goodbye is missing

It is said that people have to tell 8.8W lies in their lives, and the most common sentence is:Goodbye.

Because many goodbyes are never goodbye.

Recorded in”Taiping Guangji” of Song Dynasty:

After the poet Cui Hu of the Tang Dynasty went to Chang’an to take the Jinshi exam and passed the exam, he encountered a beautiful girl in the southern suburbs of Chang’an, and he never forgets it afterwards.

Revisited the old place during the Ching Ming Festival the following year. When I revisited this girl, I only saw the trees full of peach blossoms burning, and the person was long gone Without a trace.

With infinite regret, he wrote this poem:

“In this door last year, The human face and peach blossoms are reflected in red.

I don’t know where to go, but the peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze.”

Finding people in a sea of ​​people is like carving a boat for a sword. You think you can leave a mark and you can go back to the origin to search.

As everyone knows, time has taken you far, far away. The peach blossom is still that peach blossom, but people are not the same. People.

In this life, we will meet many people, but most of them have only one side. Never see each other.

The absence of strangers can be relieved. The most feared thing is to say goodbye to familiar people and never see again.

Li Shutong and Xu Huanyuan are close friends of Jinlan. They are neighbors in the cottage in the south of the city. They are like-minded, often singing and singing together. .

Later, in a snowy winter, Xu Huanyuan came to Li Shutong’s door and said to him,”Brother Shutong , I’m bankrupt, we will have a period later.”

After saying that, tears and goodbye, even the friend’s house did not enter.

Li Shutong stood in the snow for a long time watching his friend’s back, and then returned to the house to write down the song that has been sung so far”Farewell”:

“Outside the long pavilion, beside the ancient road, there is a lot of green grass and green sky… I ask you when you will go here, and don’t wander when you come.”

Sometimes,”there will be a period” is just our good expectation, often the latter will be indefinitely, turning around and leaving behind.

After half a lifetime, I suddenly found that the knowledge exchanges will be half-scattered. Perhaps you have similar interests and have gone through storms, but There will be some reason to separate you.

“Passing by Your World” says:

“The story of It’s always like this at the beginning, and when it happens, I’m caught off guard; at the end of the story, it’s always like this, with two flowers blooming, and the sky separates each other.”

On the stage of life, the parting scene is always on, and with friends, lovers, and even relatives, the final ending is parting.

Therefore, we cherish every time we get together and say goodbye carefully, so as not to leave any regrets in life.

Meet one side and one side less p>

“Farewell” is a cunning opponent, it hides in time, before we know it, a little bit of distance between us and the people around us.

North Island said:

“When people are there, they always think that there are opportunities, but life is Subtraction, one face is missing when you meet.”

Time is passing silently, from the moment of meeting , It entered the countdown to parting.

However, when we were young, we didn’t understand these, and we always used to”wait” to waste time.

When you are free, call your parents; when you are free, get together with friends again; wait for the future, wait, wait Times…

Waiting and waiting, what is left is regret, what is missed is true love.

We always feel that life is very long and there is a lot of time, but maybe the moment you turn around, those who want to meet, I have gone far, and have not stayed at the origin, waiting for you to turn around.

Life, can’t stand the wait, people always see one side and one side.

In”We Three”, Yang Jiang recalled the scene of sending off Qian Zhongshu at the end, which was heartbreaking after reading.

Qian Zhongshu fell ill and was hospitalized in his later years. Yang Jiang, who is in his 80s, stays by her husband’s side every day and always wants to take a look. , Take another look.

She said:

“Send a ride, say goodbye, and see another. Parting longer, does it increase or reduce pain? I don’t know. But the farther I walk with him, the more afraid I’ll be gone.”

Send them off one by one, no matter how reluctant they are, they have come to a separate intersection.

Time is a master of parting. It can always count down the final parting silently. If you don’t pay attention, you will miss it. The important people and things in life.

The best farewell is to see you tomorrow

In the past, we always felt that coming to Japan would be a long time, and even saying goodbye would be so casual.

But now, we just want to make sure, what day is the future? What day will it change?

We said goodbye to many people, and we also left without saying goodbye to many people, and among so many farewells, I still like it best”See you tomorrow”.

“See you tomorrow” is an appointment, but also an expectation of meeting.

I saw such a story on the Internet:

A sick grandmother lives in the ICU ward of the hospital all year round, and visits for only half an hour a day.

Outside the ward, every day there is an old grandfather who arrives in advance with different things.

Today is chicken soup, tomorrow is stewed turtle, and the day after tomorrow is sweet water soup. Don’t duplicate it every day.

Whenever they visited, the two of them always sat quietly and held hands like this, did not speak, and touched the grandmother’s back. , Whisper:”See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow” what a simple and hopeful parting, these three This word means that I want to see you the first time tomorrow, which means that we will meet again tomorrow.

What a blessing to be able to see you again,”see you tomorrow” is an agreement not to leave.

Although it is difficult to meet each other in time and space, as long as we miss each other and want to see each other, there is always one Thousands of ways to see.

We may not be able to cross the distance, but we can talk more through the video through the mobile phone.

We can’t always accompany each other, but we can keep in touch without losing each other’s news, always greeting each other, even far away Seems to be close by.

Time cannot cut off each other’s concerns. As long as they care about each other, there is no big difference between seeing or not seeing each other.

What people are most afraid of is not parting, but the departure of people’s hearts.

When we are parting, say”See you tomorrow.” This is an oral agreement between two people, and they are also saying”You Tomorrow, I will not be absent.”

When I was young, I said goodbye lightly and made an appointment to meet again when he became famous, but often there was no news.

In middle age, I always say that there will be a period afterwards, but always don’t have an indefinite period afterwards.

In the old age, the parting is always silent. When life counts down, we are not qualified to make an appointment when we meet.

If possible, I hope we can say”See you tomorrow” every time we say goodbye.

regard each goodbye as the beginning of the next meeting, so that the years after the parting will be less sad.

The Little Prince said:

“If you say you come at four in the afternoon, from From three o’clock, I begin to feel very happy, and the closer the time comes, the more happy I feel.

It’s four o’clock When the clock is over, I will be restless, and I have discovered the value of happiness.

But if you come anytime, I won’t Know when you are ready to welcome your mood.”

There is a definite return date before the next There is hope for reunion, and when the agreed time is approaching, thinking about meeting you soon, there is always an unspeakable joy in my heart.

With an agreement, waiting makes sense.

The best farewell is to make an appointment”tomorrow”, to give each other a promise, a good expectation, and to Next time we meet and work hard together, we will not see each other or leave.