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Everything that has loved you is so beautiful.

Everything that has been left to you is so beautiful.

Everything I have done for you is so beautiful.

I hope that these beautiful things will last forever and warm every corner of the world, including the corners of sunshine and sincerity that are easy to overlook.

I hope our beauty will be forever and forever, remembered in each other’s hearts, turned into a guardian force, and accompany us to face every experience of life alone.

This is why I have always wanted to write a book for you.


I wake up earlier than usual, but I can’t fall asleep.

Imagine every situation when I see you again, and I can’t fall asleep anyway.

Wei Lan blessed the very beautiful Morning in her ear, which made me feel the extraordinary warmth and happiness.

When the first ray of sunlight shone diagonally on the sunflower, I hope that my regretful love can regain a chance to rebirth, and it will be bright and beautiful.

I hope I can live in such a beautiful morning forever.

I hope that the long-lost meeting between you and me will be so beautiful.


I stood in a crowded crowd, searching around for your face in my memory.


No, still no.

I still carry the bread and coffee I bought for you in my hand. I just want to prepare something for you with only my meager and vague memory, but it is still not satisfactory. .

I am worried that you don’t like its taste, I am worried that you don’t like the card I prepared for you, and I am worried that you don’t like the new beans on my face.

I hate it, why do you have to get acne today?

Everything could be so beautiful.


Time makes me hate boredom. My eyes are full of strangers, you It still hasn’t come yet.

Suddenly I was thinking, maybe you are looking at the long-lost me at a certain corner, how much inferior is compared with the me in memory. Perhaps, in your eyes at this moment, I am just a stranger.

Wei Lan is still singing >, and she still feels so beautiful.


Finally, I saw a distant and close figure right in front of me, slowly digging The phone dialed the number slowly, and then turned back slowly.

Do you know? The clothes that you deliberately hide your family background are so beautiful, and even your back is so charming. I was so stunned for several seconds before I came to my senses. Walked towards you in surprise and astringency.

I wish I could stand behind you and appreciate all the beauty for a longer time. Maybe only today, I have this opportunity to appreciate it.


You and I in the car are restrained by an atmosphere called embarrassment. I tried my best to use clumsy behavior instead of more Silence in the cold field.

When a sweep of long hair naturally fell to the chest, you gave a heartfelt compliment. I thought of the first time I met you and me, the passive embarrassment that seemed to be similar to the one, the extremely strong sense of electric current that seemed to be the same, the disguised emotion that seemed to be the same, broke out again in an instant, burning the entire universe.

I strongly felt the scorching heat, which is hotter than ever. I know that your body also has the same heat, but we are all too protective of ourselves. The heat was released naturally, but it was counterproductive, and it burned myself more and more.

If you want, I would rather put it down every day until you get tired of it.

If you want , I would rather wait for you here every day, buy your favorite breakfast and wait for you.

If you want, I’d rather be brave when I first saw you 1 year ago Grasp your hand, and no longer push you away indifferently.

But there are no ifs here, and no ifs are allowed in our world.

I know, I am not qualified to let go of my hair in front of you, she is qualified.

I know, I She is not qualified to bring breakfast to you every day, she is qualified.

I know that I am not qualified to hold your hand for a lifetime, she is qualified.

Suddenly, her chest The corner in the upper left corner that had hidden you for tens of thousands of years began to rot, mixed with inferiority complex and jealousy, and joined hands with reality to push me into the corner step by step.

This is not good, not good at all.

Give me back the goodness I want.

< p data-track=”44″>The kind of beauty I want.


I’m worried I will be bored with you, I think you should be very clear that I am a person who is used to loneliness.

But I know better that there is never loneliness in your world because you are afraid A person, so you gave yourself all kinds of excuses to find all kinds of women casually.

But am I not a woman? Why don’t you come to me?

Or I forgot, you came You have found me, but I ruthlessly destroyed your last hope for pure and eternal love?

Do you know how beautiful the big clear eyes you looked at me that day? ? Knowing you like this is not good at all? Knowing how beautiful it was when I kept calm in front of you but was extremely happy? Know how bad my pain is now because of your pain?

I said to myself in the glass window:Don’t cry, at least today for you don’t cry, I want to leave you the most beautiful smile. Perhaps my smile can make you feel the residual temperature of the long-lost sunshine, and can lighten your dusty heart again.

Just, do I have that ability?


I regret that I can’t accompany you to eat the MM you want to eat. I’m sorry that I will ask you to eat it only once My lunch failed so much. When I saw that you had trouble swallowing, I completely lost my appetite.

I hate myself for not knowing how to cook for the first time. If possible, please God now grant me a spacious kitchen and first-class cooking skills.

I only have today. Only today will I have the opportunity to have lunch with you.



Put down a cup of tea gently, and put it down gently for a while. The passers-by are running around, living in a different world.

You are by my side, but I don’t realize the sadness of me who loves you.

That’s because I melted all the love into the coffee in your mouth, leaving only for myself, with a sad smile.


Your seat is empty, my heart is empty, and my dream is empty from now on, and my life is empty.

You have half of the coffee you drank and you still have it, and the book you turned halfway through is still unfolded, and my feelings are still hot —- at the temperature of 38 degrees Under exposed.

but there is no one to clean them.



I look forward to having you in the crowd, but you are not there.

I look forward to having you in my love, but you are not there either.

I added a cup of black tea to myself, together with the kind of coffee you love most every day—I crossed the feeling of drinking ice and fire, and swallowed the bitterness alone. It’s unbearable to love.

Only then did I find that you are not in the crowd, you are not in my love, you are not in the coffee—–you have always been only with me In the heart.


What music is ringing in your ear, can I ask you?

What text is in your eyes, can I ask you?

What scenery is in your heart, Can I ask you?


A door separates you and me, two This world separates nobility and inferiority.

Forgive me, I can only watch you in from a distance outside the door, forgive my incomprehension almost caused trouble to you, forgive me, I can only make you hit like a dragonfly Passionate guest—-It is destined from the moment we were born, you belong to the pride in the door, and I, just outside the door silently watching your inferiority.

I wanted to leave no traces, so I don’t have to be too embarrassed to leave.

I didn’t expect the footsteps of nostalgia and hesitation, but With my reluctant eyes, after all, it exposed my unrequited love prematurely.

I know you pretend not to know, you are right.

That’s good.

Let’s pretend that we don’t know.

I don’t know…


I am in another STARBUCKS COFFEE, and I feel like we sat in the previous STARBUCKS COFFEE together half an hour ago.


You, who are struggling to write on the top of a tall building, must not be able to imagine that I, who cannot enter due to my low self-esteem, have tried my best to choose the closest but least embarrassing distance to you —–Waiting for you.


With your back to the crowd, live in your own world again里.

Pretend not to see my own heart, humble, lost, uneasy, fear, sad emotions. Such as entangled twine, binding all my reason and nerve.

Suddenly I felt a sudden twitch in my chest—-it really hurts. I just didn’t say it.

Never say it.

I will never let you hear such a sentence.


The elevator goes up and down in front of me, down and up again.

< p data-track=”95″>Like life, the rise and fall have contributed to a tense TV series.

The difference between us is that your life is rising, and my life is falling.

It seems to be used to Looking up at you under the elevator, silent, quietly.

Until you passed her at the top of the elevator, I turned and left again, silent and quiet, as if I had never been here.


I was surprised to find that the yesterday I spent with Alice turned out to be my lunar birthday .

I am satisfied to record that, on the second day of the lunar birthday, I walked side by side with you, walked a short distance, and entered a certain coffee shop.

As long as such a small footprint, as long as such a short second, as long as such a moment does not break through the ambiguous, it is enough to make me recall the whole second half of my life.

A person, secretly.


LuoLuo’s”Su Yu” wrote:

Mention your former girlfriend or current one, Just mentioning the word &39;oh&39; and it ends. So this is still not a certain part of the love story. In a silent way, to tolerate the crazy growth of a certain seed. I have made various wishes in my heart, extreme, selfish, helpless, and discouraged.

This is me. The real me.

Suddenly think of the worried faces of Alice and Hui.

I can’t be me anymore.


I don’t want to be quiet and give myself time to think about you.

So I put down the teacup and put the milk bottle in the bag.

The words and sentences written in it have become the secret of this end of summer, you will never know.

Unsuitable purple shoes, unsuitable feelings.

I only blame myself, I can’t control my waywardness.




p data-track=”117″> passing by a jewelry store, a food store, a bridal shop, a clothing store, a bookstore…< /p>

But you are all in your eyes.

I want to buy a gift to commemorate my love, but I can’t find a suitable one.

Originally, love cannot be replaced since ancient times.


Lost. Not the first time.

A couple of lovers pass by one after another. Envy.

Although I am used to being a person, I still can’t help but imagine that you can come here to find me and take me away.

Although you are not a boyfriend, it’s okay.


Guess that you are about to finish what you are doing, so you come to the place to see you off You were kicked out without expecting it.

Helplessness, loss, low self-esteem, pain, regret…

All kinds of ups and downs Strikes again.

Fortunately, you didn’t see my embarrassment at this moment.

Thank God.


The phone still has no information.

So, back to the bustling shopping mall.

I use my retrograde memory to remember every store, every person, and every scenery.

When I see you, I will tell you one by one.

To prove that I am shopping happily by myself and I am not waiting for you intentionally.


Actually, I’m so tired.

Knowing that I’m about to see you who have been missing for a year, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night .

I imagined all possible body language with you, such as wearing a blindfold, wearing your clothes in the car, leaning against you, and squinting for a while.

However, this is just fantasy after all.

In front of you, I will always be vigorous and calm.


I have been sitting in the same corner for a long time. I don’t know how long it is.

But I won’t tell you.

I will tell you this:


p data-track=”148″>The jewelry store across the corner was a sign that I was lost.< /p>

If you accidentally discover my lie, I will tell you this:

I’m just in this corner Just write novels.


The phone accidentally falls to the ground, and when you pick it up again, your name appears , I couldn’t help but a joy.

So he hurriedly called back, disappointed busy tone.

Unfortunately, This is a missed call in the morning.

In order to escape the sharp eyes of everyone, I got up and went to the other corner of the east gate.

You are still on the unattainable building, and I am still downstairs in the sweltering neighbourhood, writing about you.


Finally see you, it’s like centuries have passed.

With a face of camouflage and calmness, it’s hard to restrain your excitement.

You said that you have just gone through a battle, and now you are too tired. .

Do you know? Waiting is also a tormenting battle, especially if you can’t see the love, it’s the stupidest and most exhausting in history without ending Of the battle.


The driver is going around. You can’t help but complain.

Someone is waiting for you, do you know how happy you are?

Three hours in the morning plus half an hour so far, the time we can be together is gradually shortening ruthlessly.

You don’t care at all, you only care about the driver’s steering wheel.

But I care about it.


p data-track=”168″>I really hope I can keep going and never find my way home.< /p>


You close your eyes slightly by my side, occasionally I can hear your breathing evenly, sweet The loss is because it didn’t happen because of me.

I close my eyes slightly by your side, my head violently hits the glass window.

I look at and pretend to fall asleep You, can you find an excuse to lean on your shoulder, or just pretend to sleep and lie on your body?

I understand your sentence:&34;Sex and Love is two different things. I don’t want to mention any sensitive topics. As long as you are happy.

I look at your half-stretched palm. I have an urge to grab it hard and place it gently on my heart.

Do you know? It is saying that it loves you.

Although I have been silent all day long.

It really keeps saying that I love you.



p data-track=”179″>Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Know how much I want to see your sleeping profile?< /p>

I know it doesn’t belong to me, but I still stare at you greedily, trying to suck it into my eyes.

Go to sleep! Go to sleep! There is only less than an hour between us.

Can’t sing a lullaby for you, can’t massage your body to relax your nerves, can’t cover you with a quilt to block the chill.

Because I am yours and you are not me.


&34; is coming soon. &34;

Can I understand your tone as a loss?

&34;I really want me to go home first, Don’t you need to give it away?&34;

Can I understand your tone as disappointment?

When you say you want to go When I was sitting in my house, you didn’t know, my soul was already happy to rush out of the car window and throw it to the top of the sky.

It’s just your mother’s continuous phone calls along the way, forcing me to finally make a cruel and unintentional decision.

When I watched you leave, I realized that both my back and your back are very similar to loneliness.

It turns out that the distance from my home to yours is only the distance of a bridge.

Look at how much time we waste and how many opportunities we waste! Is this our destiny?

Will we meet again next time? Will it be our farewell this time?

I lacked maternal love since I was a child, but in the end I was still defeated by your mother’s call , Can you understand?

If it were a call from a second person, I would never allow you to leave so early, I would even greedily want to occupy You are one second before you have to leave the country on September 23!

But who wants that call from your mother? Can you understand?!


p data-track=”197″> p>

Is the distance between us really just a bridge? Is there really no other factors?

If not If I were to bravely step towards the bridge first, would you welcome me?

Will you?


The secret in the milk bottle seems to be over, although I hope it is just the beginning.

After all , There are a lot of blank pages behind it.

Will there be a chance to continue writing? Will there be a day for you to read?

Yes, no, yes, no…

I don’t have an answer here.

Do you have it there?

When I hear the bird start singing

I wanna see you

Hoo,hoo,do do do do do…

When I see the leaves start fallin&39;


I wanna see you

The only thing I&39;ll do

Don&39;t you know

Is to rush and run to you

When I hear the clock start tiching

I start to miss you

Ooh…The only thing I&39;ll do

Is gonna drearn of you

Wanna stay by by by you side

You are my everything

You are my only link

To the angel&39;s wings

Talk about love love and

I can&39;t stop thinking of you

Such a crazy thing

Like snow fallin&39; in spring

(You know every morning)

When I hear the bird start singing

I wanna see you

Ooh… the only thing I&39;ll do

Is to rush and run to you


p data-track=”233″>When I hear the clock start tiching< /p>

I s tart to miss you

Ooh…The only thing I&39;ll do


p data-track=”236″>Is start to dream of you< /p>

I found my angel in my life

I cannot see why

I cannot see why

We can&39;t be in love till we die

Wanna stay by by by you side

You are my everything

You are my only link

To the angel&39;s wings

Talk about love love and


p data-track=”246″>I can&39;t stop thinking of you< /p>

Such a crazy thing

Like snow fallin&39; in spring

One day we&39;ll spread our wings

You and me da,you and me da…

Spread our wings do…do…do…

Wannabe wannabe wanna

I wanna be.be your lover

I&39;ll run to you… ooh…

——Janice (Wei Lan)”Morning”

——The end of the book .

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