American Blue Origin completes its first manned space flight test, company founder Bezos accompanied

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China News Service, San Francisco, July 20. The Blue Origin Company’s “New Shepard” aircraft completed its first manned space test flight in Texas on the 20th local time. The company’s founder and former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, accompanied him.

US Consumer News and Business Channel reported that at 8:12 local time on the 20th, the “New Shepard” aircraft lifted off from Blue Origin’s launch site in western Texas. The New York Times reported that the aircraft separated from the launch vehicle at an altitude of approximately 76 kilometers and continued to fly upwards, crossing the “Carmen Line” to reach an altitude of 107 kilometers. People usually regard the “Kamen Line” at an altitude of 100 kilometers as the boundary between space and the Earth’s atmosphere.

American Blue Origin completes its first manned space flight test, company founder Bezos accompanied


p >Blue Origin’s first manned space journey was a success.

CBS reported that passengers experienced weightlessness for about 3 minutes. They unfastened their seat belts, hovered in the aircraft, and watched the space scenery through the windows. Subsequently, the aircraft began to land and returned to the ground under the cushion of a parachute. The entire flight process lasted about 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

The “New Shepard” aircraft carried 4 passengers into space on the same day. In addition to Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos and former American female pilot Wally Fink, Blue Origin’s first paying space tourist, Dutch man Oliver Demen. Fink and Demen became the oldest and youngest people in space at the ages of 82 and 18, respectively.

The flight on the 20th was the first manned test flight of Blue Origin. The Associated Press reported that since 2015, the company has successfully conducted 15 unmanned space test flights.

This manned test flight took Blue Origin’s space tourism project one step forward, but it also attracted some criticism in the United States. CNN reported that US Rep. Jerry Nadler called space flight “self-indulgence,” and he joined others in calling for a wealth tax on “superbillionaires like Bezos.”

In the field of commercial space tourism, SpaceX, a space exploration technology company under the American billionaire Elon Musk, and Virgin Galactic under the British billionaire Richard Branson, are competitors of Blue Origin . Virgin Galactic’s “Unity” spacecraft completed its first full space test flight in New Mexico on the 11th local time, with Branson accompanying. (End)