Behind the innovative exploration of “Northern Ruins”: Creating a “Film Quality Web Drama”

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When can we say that a web drama has a movie quality? “Northern Ruins”, which is being broadcast on iQiyi, may provide an answer to this question.

Directed by director Feng Xiaogang Zuozhen, written by Chen Ping, the screenwriter of classic works such as “Migrant Workers” and “Tuina”, Zhang Yimou’s queen photographer Zhao Xiaoding in the mirror, “Tangshan Earthquake”, “If You Are the One” and other Feng’s works of royal art Shi Haiying is the artist, and the music veteran Laozai is the music producer… Of course, the entire film team guarantees the quality of the works of “Northern Ruins”, but more importantly, the film artist’s “going down to the world” makes web dramas equipped with film art. style.

Behind the innovative exploration of “Northern Ruins”: Creating a “Film Quality Web Drama”

Compared to other media In terms of form, movies tend to have more artistic pictures, and this advantage is inherited by “Northern Ruling”. Sports shots with a sense of breath, flowing clouds and flowing water in the end, playful and romantic creative composition, bright and transparent warm tones, all highlight the characteristics of the viewability of film and television works. Vision is the primary perception of film and television works. The film-like images are applied to web dramas. The latter’s only features of ease and entertainment are deeply empowered and changed. The audience can read their perceptions, opinions, and reads from the texture of the film. Out of the soul.

The metaphors and ironies that can be seen everywhere in “Northern Ruins” are common expression techniques in movies, and they are also like a hide-and-seek between the creator and the audience. Let the audience interpret the values ​​that the artist wants to express from the picture, music, and plot, instead of sending it straight to the audience. In the process of encoding and decoding with art, the creator and the audience can get a “soul collision” A sense of accomplishment. Just like the irony of the entertainment circle of digital acting and the battle of position, the atmosphere of Yu Shanshan’s impromptu percussion on New Year’s Eve, and the metaphor of life in the name of the “northern road”, watching the drama itself is to dig out and decrypt these deep “myths” “The process of making this two-way fusion of art and aesthetics is full of joy. Perhaps, the method of film creation brings the artistic quality of web dramas, and the volume and dissemination power of web dramas also feed back the creative space of film artists. “North and South Road” explores the combination of film and web dramas, two art forms that are not originally in the same class. Points, so that they complement each other in the field of artistic expression.

As a picture guarantee, this time “Northern Ruins” adopts iQIYI’s full 4K picture and IMF packaging format. By creating a standardized master format and production process, “Northern Ruins” has simplified the production process while having large-screen projection capabilities, bringing users a clearer and more detailed high-quality visual experience.

The casts of artists gathered in “Northern Ruins” are also very few in the current online drama market. Liu Xiaoqing, Zhu Shimao, Ding Zhicheng, Xu Fan, these drama bones that are rarely seen on the big screen nowadays are gathered for this online drama, which is not uncommon. At the same time, the “Five Golden Flowers” played by Lan Yingying, Jin Chen, Tie Ni, Sui Yuan, and Wang Luodan show different aspects of young people’s urban life with different personalities and characteristics, so that the audience can always see from it. A certain section of self.

Realistic issues such as emotional ups and downs, unsatisfactory work, differences in intergenerational concepts, and housewives’ life difficulties have been vividly explained under the portrayal of several actresses. And merely reflecting life is not the original intention of the creation of “Northern Ruins”. The series further proposes solutions to the dilemma-unity, self-confidence, independence, and struggle, in order to care for and guide reality. Dai Xiaoyu learned that her fiance had not divorced from the original partner; the housewife Si Meng also used writing to pursue dreams and create wealth while taking care of the family; Feng Xi decided to head the restaurant and racked his brains for chef candidates and finally hired talents; little actor Bao Xue Acting with “Mr. Number” is still devoted to performing seriously; female president You Shanshan protects her best friend Dai Xiaoyu, and domineeringly persuades Peng Pai to retreat… Different from the hot “her” dramas in recent years, “The North Zhenanyuan” The female characters in “are not the vassals of the male characters. Family ethics is not the focus of the show. Instead, the upward momentum with “her power” makes the play more realistic features of contemporary women. Taking the Beizhe Nanyuan Restaurant as the line, the five characters use their own methods to forge ahead independently, overcome difficulties, work hand in hand, and embrace growth, presenting the confident and independent face of women in the new era. They are also in the form of film and television dramas for those who are still in trouble. The audience provides a guide on how to break free from the quagmire of reality.

Behind the innovative exploration of “Northern Ruins”: Creating a “Film Quality Web Drama”(1)

It can be said that On the basis of a good story, “The North Zhe Nan Yuan” is undergoing a re-advancement of online dramas. It can be regarded as an online audio-visual platform represented by iQiyi to film practitioners and artists. The exploration invitation proves that film creation concepts, shooting techniques, and presentation quality can be integrated with online dramas, and it also allows the industry and the public to see the feasibility of “movie quality” entering the Internet drama and Internet era. Against the background that audiences have increasingly higher requirements for audiovisual experience, film quality is an inevitable trend in the development of the online drama industry. The active exploration of film-level talents and technology in “Northern Ruins” is important for online dramas and even the online film and television ecosystem. Important positive meaning.