Chinese women’s 100-meter and 800-meter consecutive set history Su Bingtian advances to the semi-finals of the 100-meter

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(Tokyo Olympics) Chinese women’s 100-meter, 800-meter continuous record, Su Bingtian advances to the semi-finals of 100 meters

China News Service, Tokyo, July 31st (Reporter Xing Chong) Tokyo Olympics track and field competition on the 31st Enter the second match day. The Chinese team achieved breakthroughs in the women’s 100-meter and 800-meter events, and the flying man Su Bingtian easily entered the 100-meter semi-finals with a time of 10.05.

Chinese women’s 100-meter and 800-meter consecutive set history Su Bingtian advances to the semi-finals of the 100-meter

The evening of July 31 In the first round of the men’s 100 meters at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Su Bingtian ran a time of 10.05 seconds, ranking second in the group and successfully advanced. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

In the previous women’s 100-meter preliminaries, Chinese player Ge Manqi advanced to the semi-finals with a time of 11.20 seconds. She was also the only Asian player to enter the semi-finals. In the semi-finals on the 31st, Geman Chess started from the third round, and it took 0.145 seconds to start the reaction. After the quick start of the future, Geman Chess was gradually opened up by other players on the way. Finally, the seventh crossed the finish line. The result was 11 seconds 22.

Although he failed to advance to the finals, Geman Chess, which successfully finished in the semifinals, has already made history. She also had a clear analysis on the day of the resumption of the game: after the start, she wanted to accelerate too much, but the opponent had too strong running ability on the way, and wanted to fight with them, but did not keep up with the rhythm. There was still a gap in explosiveness. In these aspects Still need to improve.

In the women’s 800m event, Wang Chunyu became the first Chinese athlete to enter the Olympic finals. On the same day, she set off on the eighth road in the third group and quickly occupied the leading position; when she reached the first corner of the second lap, Wang Chunyu was overtaken by multiple opponents; but in the last corner, Wang Chunyu sprinted hard and finally In 1 minute 59.14 seconds, she won the group second to advance to the final, which also refreshed her personal best.

Wang Chunyu said that entering the finals has reached the goal she set before the game, the pressure in the semi-finals is still a bit heavy, in the finals to achieve a better place.

The men’s 100-meter preliminaries were also held that day, and three Chinese players participated. This year, Wu Zhiqiang, who refreshed his personal best score of 10.11 seconds, appeared first and ranked fourth in the first group with 10.18 seconds and missed the promotion. Xie Zhenye, who played in the third group, took the lead in the first half and was overtaken by his opponents in the second half. He finally ranked fifth in the group with a time of 10.15 and failed to advance.

After the game, Xie Zhenye said frankly that the results were not what he wanted, but this game had a very good test effect. “I gave up a lot of competitions in China some time ago, and my leg injuries have been repeated repeatedly. After running this game, I have a better understanding of my physical condition, and I am more relieved to fight for 200 meters.” He bluntly said that his goal for 200 meters is to advance to the finals.

Su Bingtian, who played in the fourth group, performed quite well. He quickly established the lead after the start. The final sprint was reserved. Finally, he finished the game in 10 seconds and 05, ranking second in the group and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. . Su Bingtian said that he did not adapt to the venue before the game, but he adjusted well during the game and will try his best to break through 10 seconds in the semi-finals.

In the men’s long jump qualifying competition, Huang Changzhou advanced to the final with a score of 7.96 meters. Xinxinglong and Wang Jianan ranked ninth and tenth in the group with 7.86 meters and 7.81 meters respectively, and missed the finals.

Two gold medals were decided in the track and field on that day. The Swedish star Starr won the men’s discus championship with 68 meters 90; the top three in the women’s 100 meters final were swept by Jamaican players. Thompson refreshed the Olympic Games with 10.61 seconds. The record won the championship. (End)