Cleanup of ruins of collapsed building in U.S. is over, engineers issue new warning

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China News Service, July 24. According to a report by the US Chinese website, Florida officials said that on the 23rd local time, the fire brigade officially ended its task of clearing the ruins of the collapsed apartment building, while the police and forensic experts continued to identify the victims The remains.

Miami-Dade Fire Department Assistant Director Jadala said that the on-site firefighters announced the end of the mission at around noon on the 23rd local time. They took the fire truck and other vehicles to bid farewell to the scene.

Cleanup of ruins of collapsed building in U.S. is over, engineers issue new warning


p > On the evening of July 4, local time, the remaining buildings of the collapsed building in Miami, Florida, USA, were detonated and demolished.

On June 24, local time, the Champlain apartment building in Surfside Town, Miami, Florida collapsed, killing at least 97 people and one person is still missing.

At present, the ruins of the Champlain apartment building have been basically cleaned up, but local officials still face challenges. An engineer hired to help identify the cause of the building’s collapse warned that the site may still be unsafe.

The only remaining part of the Champlain apartment is the wall of the underground parking lot, with the hollowed-out foundation in the middle.

Structural engineer Kilheimer told Surfside and Miami-Dade officials in a letter on the 22nd that the structure of the wall is not stable, and the traffic of nearby vehicles may collapse these walls. , And make the road collapse.

Kilheimer suggested building a soil slope near the street and sidewalk to support the wall. Otherwise, he wrote, “it may cause part of the street to collapse and may seriously endanger the public facilities under the street.”

Kilheimer also emphasized that heavy rains will greatly increase the risk of road collapse because the ground will be wetted by water.

Miami-Dade spokesperson Johnson said that the authorities are calling on contractors to help strengthen the remaining walls. “We are looking for a company to strengthen the walls to ensure that there is no risk.”