“Contemplation” Guofeng Art Exhibition restores the fairyland in the play, director Tan Guoman

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China News Service, July 22nd. Since June 14th, the ancient style 3D animation work “Jian Si Liang” directed by Zhao Yuqing has been broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video. With its beautiful painting style and exquisite character scenes, it has attracted many audiences. I am obsessed with the wonderland “Thinking Island” in the film.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of the audience, “Contemplation” was held in Beijing Today Art Museum from July 17th to July 24th, bringing the two-dimensional animation world into three-dimensional Reality, restore the style of Siliangdao for everyone.

“Contemplation” Guofeng Art Exhibition restores the fairyland in the play, director Tan Guoman

The exhibition is divided into The three major sections, from the animation scenes, original painting display, and character settings, will take you to “tour” the thinking island and learn about the birth of “Come to Thoughts”. The original painting curtains are used as partitions between the exhibition areas to maintain the animation atmosphere and at the same time have a sense of haziness.

In the animation scene display area, more than 70 animation scene pictures are displayed. The display draws on the form of the “Island Calendar” of Cangdian Pavilion in the animation, allowing the hanging scene pictures to fly out of the base book. Aesthetic and artistic.

In the original painting exhibition area, more than 20 original paintings of the main scenes of the animation, such as Hengshuiju, Cheng’s Family, Xu’s Family, and Chamber of Commerce, are displayed, which deeply restore the beautiful scenes of the animation. In the character setting area, a large number of protagonists’ character splits are displayed. Here, the audience can get a glimpse of the birth of the characters in “Contemplation” and how the production team uses costumes to shape the character and fullness of the characters.

“Contemplation” Guofeng Art Exhibition restores the fairyland in the play, director Tan Guoman(1)

At the end of the visit, The audience can move to the screening area to watch the animated PV. The wall of the projection room is specially set up with the projection of the animated worldview murals.

When talking about the breakthrough and the future development of Guoman in this work, director Zhao Yuqing said that she intends to control more stringent character modeling and let her expression flow. More natural, this requires a lot of personnel support and detailed adjustments behind the scenes. At the same time, because there are relatively few original animation works in China, and different from the IP work model, original animation needs more works to explore how to tell their own stories and take the road of Guoman.