Ding Sheng, Lu Yang, and Cao Baoping escorted the Oriental Movie Capital Film Venture Capital Conference officially launched

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China News Service, Beijing, July 16th (Reporter Gao Kai) The Oriental Film Capital Film Venture Capital Conference hosted by the China Film Foundation was officially launched in Beijing. This Film Venture Capital Conference is an important part of the 2021 Qingdao Film and Television Expo market unit component.

According to Zhu Yuqing, the director of the China Film Foundation’s special fund for film investment and financing development and the director of the Oriental Film Capital Film Venture Capital Association, this Oriental Film Capital Film Venture Capital will solicit outstanding film venture capital from all over the country Projects, and selected the top 50 to participate in the “production workshop” in Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis throughout the entire process. A strong mentor team composed of expert judges will give comprehensive guidance to comprehensively upgrade the film projects, and finally produce the top 20 outstanding venture capital projects to participate in Qingdao During the road show promotion conference held during the Film and Television Expo, the top five will be awarded with outstanding venture capital project awards, as well as various awards and supports provided by Qingdao.

Ding Sheng, Lu Yang, and Cao Baoping escorted the Oriental Movie Capital Film Venture Capital Conference officially launched


p >The lineup of the Jury Bureau of the Oriental Movie Metropolis Film Venture Capital Association Photo by Gao Kai

Among them, “Film Studio” is a new model of the entire film and television development and operation process unique to the Oriental Film Metropolis Film Venture Capital Association, focusing on Invite senior experts and practitioners in the industry to provide full guidance and promotion for venture capital projects from film and television project planning, financing, creation, production, shooting, post-production, publicity, copyright trading, and other links, and at the same time provide full-course guidance and improvement for mature high-quality projects. The required resources, shooting bases, location, post-production, etc., help the project incubation throughout the process.

“We will innovate the project review and selection mechanism, increase the evaluation and evaluation weight of project creativity, script, investment, cast members, etc., and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the registered projects through professional evaluation methods, and discover An excellent film that is truly popular with the audience.” Zhu Yuqing revealed.

In order to truly help young filmmakers grow rapidly, the venture capital will invite people from China Film Group, Wentou Holdings, Hengye Pictures, Wanda Films, Alibaba Pictures, 1905 Film Network, Beijing Film Senior film practitioners from academies, etc., act as expert reviewers, check on each level, and tap more outstanding film projects and talents.

Cai Min, executive deputy general manager of Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd., said at the scene that now is the era where content is king. As long as it is an excellent film that is full of true feelings and can resonate widely, it can win the audience and market. “As an expert reviewer, we will keep our eyes open, strive to discover more high-quality projects, and help these projects stand out.” Cai Min said.

On the site of the press conference, the organizer announced that Zhang Pimin, Chairman of the China Film Foundation, Rao Shuguang, Chairman of the China Film Critics Society, Ding Sheng, a famous director and screenwriter, Lu Yang, a famous director and screenwriter, The screenwriter Cao Baoping, Huang Qunfei, executive deputy general manager of China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., and Jiang Wusheng, president of Beijing Gathering Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., are composed of a luxurious jury bureau lineup to escort outstanding film venture capital projects.

As the general planner of this event, Rao Shuguang said that embracing the market is a distinctive feature that distinguishes this film venture capital conference from many other types of venture capital conferences. In addition to literary and artistic films, what is even more lacking is genre films with sufficient box office appeal, and directors who can produce works that attract audiences to the cinema. Therefore, we have no threshold or age limit for this venture capital conference. As long as it can impress the audience and the judges, it is the high-quality venture capital project we look forward to.”

Ding Sheng made the “Qingdao Agreement” with young filmmakers on the spot. In his view, the three criteria and dimensions that he valued most when selecting projects are the full-featured, distinct genres and styles, vivid, true, and sincere character creation, and fascinating story design suitable for visual expression. At the press conference, Director Ding Sheng also sent a message to young filmmakers based on his own experience, “I hope that the creators participating in this venture capital conference will take it seriously, because every opportunity is important. As a young filmmaker, we need to do well at any time. Prepare.”

At the press conference, young film directors, screenwriters, and producer representatives Guo Kuiyong, Wang Jiawei, and Lu Tao came to the stage to express their expectations and gratitude for this Oriental Movie Capital Film Venture Conference. , Not only said that the projects it incubated should participate in it, but also called on more colleagues to actively sign up on the spot to win the recognition of investors and audiences through this venture capital meeting.

It is reported that the registration time for this venture capital conference is from July 15th to August 5th, 2021. The list of the top 50 finalists will be announced before August 20th. Anyone with theater or Internet channels will be announced. Potential story film projects can log on to the official website of Qingdao Film and Television Expo (https://ybh2021.gengduoke.com), submit application materials as required, and participate in venture capital selection. (End)