Do you really understand”Guo Yuanchao”?

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In the form of a fable, the author integrates his perception of life into the dialogue in the lyrics middle. It is said that whether it is hidden in the mountains or in the riots, it is after all”the wind and the moon are hard to pull, and the separation does not show off.” The old angry youth who has seen the red dust and the fledgling young angry youth have a heated argument; the old man has been troubled by the arrogance of the young man, and the young man is full of ambition. Not on the preaching of the old man. In the end, I was surprised to find the similarities between the two. In fact, you and I are the same and will eventually be forgotten.

Actually [Guo Yuanchao] this character exists, it is Song Dongye shaped it, he is Song Dongye’s inner world. Outside, he is Song Dongye’s heart, but he is actually a lunatic. He is telling the inner [Guo Yuanchao] to listen, what we want is these things, it’s that simple. At the same time, he is also persuading some people about what to do and not to do when they are young.

Section A:”You said you know their world The three songs of tragic songs buy everything&34;; the people realize their ideals. The singers are very poor. They think they can realize their ideals and buy everything in the world by writing a few songs. What kind of life does Song Dongye want?” Kunlun””Penglai” is the great mountains and rivers he wants to travel;”People’s disputes” refer to the worldliness of the people around you, you have to see all of this;”The crow of Gongzhufen” refers to the lack of talent;”The tree of the incident”A line of tribute to Wan Xiaoli of”East Window of the Hemp”. When the East Window incident occurred, it still remained in a state of numbness. In fact, it refers to a state of mind and state.”Rouge”,”Fisher Song”, and”Golden Season” folk singers Inseparable topics, love, freedom and money. Song Dongye of the A section tells [Guo Yuanchao] everything he wants to listen to and talk to [Guo Yuanchao].

Section B:”You and I are the same” Why care so much when you live, in fact, we are all the same, no What class level, talent level, you think you are very important, in fact, everyone is the same, in the eyes of others is insignificant, we will all be forgotten, we are also”patients.””The genius is on the left, the madman is on the right” actually defines whether it is a patient or not? It’s just that some people’s illnesses can be seen, and some diseases are not visible to us, so there is no sense of superiority. [Guo Yuanchao] understands:I shouldn’t pursue blindly those”wind, flowers, snow and moon” and my”clutch and reunion” to the world.”Sorrows and joys” should actually be taken lightly.

“Buy the seagulls at Lime Street Station”” Lime Street”It refers to Liverpool in the United Kingdom, very beautiful streets with many The seagull, this is the life Song Dongye wants to yearn for.”Ah Copenhagen” The fairy tale castle, a particularly livable city is also Song A city that Dongye wants to go to. He is telling Guo Yuanchao where we want to go.”Buy Taiping Lake Adult Ink” refers to the great writer of Peking University“Lao She” He committed suicide by throwing himself into the lake at the head of Taiping Lake. Section B advises Song Dongye, and Song Dongye also realizes the truth of the world.

“After all, the floors are too young, and the rest of my life will be free sooner or later”, the word”story” originated from”Song Ci”. At a young age in Fanghua’s years, we should not blindly pursue or imitate those poets and take it to the next level; this is not something that should be done at this age, or that should not be in that Fanghua Things to consider at my age; including the blind pursuit of freedom. I want to see what the world is so big. We should really be more cautious and more cautious. You have to be responsible for your choice, you have to consider the impact your choice will have on your life, and is that freedom really what you want to pursue? Thinking about it?

Finally, I think this is Song Dongye who wants to advise everyone The last sentence of”You and I didn’t meet in front of the mountain, don’t meet behind the mountain.” This is the same between people, people and things. Many fate is arranged well, don’t force it, there is no fate. Even the twisted melon is not sweet.

“Maybe a madman lives in our inner world”.

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