Domestic original animation “City of Figurines” hits a sequel

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China News Service, Guangzhou, July 18th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The terracotta warriors and horses fantasy animation masterpiece “City of Figurines”, which took five years to build, is currently being screened nationwide. Film director Lin Yongchang, producer Zhou Ying, dubbing director Tan Xiao, and voice actor Zhou Ziyu recently appeared in Guangzhou and was invited to participate in the Guangdong Province Excellent Film Watching Promotion Conference hosted by the Guangdong Film Bureau. Lin Yongchang revealed that the sequel of the film has entered the preparatory stage.

“City of Warriors and Horses” is the first domestically produced original animation inspired by one of the eight wonders of the world, “Terracotta Warriors and Horses”. The story of a good handyman who grows into a respected hero. The protagonists in the film do not have their own auras. They are full of jokes about getting along with each other. The process of their confrontation with fate includes defeat, victory, and sacrifice, which is very real and moving.

Domestic original animation “City of Figurines” hits a sequel

“The City of Figurines” scene of the Guangdong Province Excellent Movie Watching Promotion Conference. Photo courtesy of Guangdong Film Bureau

Lin Yongchang said that when developing the project, he also considered themes that are familiar to audiences such as Journey to the West and Fengshen Bang. However, considering the high degree of overlap, he finally decided to develop a brand new IP. “At that time, the first thing I thought of was the Terracotta Warriors, because the Terracotta Warriors are not only the representatives of Chinese cultural symbols, but also one of the eight wonders of the world. In addition, the characteristics of the Terracotta Warriors themselves also leave us a huge space for imagination and creation.” Lin Yongchang said, hoped. Through this story to inspire young people, through their own efforts to realize their wishes.

A dozen different figurines, strange ancient creatures, ingenious underground city pools, unique bronze cultural relics, and dazzling underground scenery of galaxies… The production team behind the “City of Figurines” nearly 1,000 people, the film The animation produced a total of 1746 character special effects, and 5000 computers were simultaneously rendered, and the longest rendering time for a single lens was 48 hours. “The special effects of the last battle took nearly 2 months to polish. The entire film has more than 2,700 special effects shots.” Lin Yongchang said.

Domestic original animation “City of Figurines” hits a sequel(1)


p > The creators of “City of Figurines” appeared in Guangzhou. Photo courtesy of the Guangdong Provincial Film Bureau

The dubbing time of the film is nearly 10,000 minutes. The voice actors establish the connection between the characters through the performance and give the characters more agile and rich personality. In terms of music, the creation team has studied various instruments of the Qin and Han Dynasties such as the bell, qin, sheng, and drums, and the “Eight Tone Classification”, recorded by internationally renowned orchestras from Beijing, Russia, and Budapest. Invite a number of famous music artists, including the Golden Image Award soundtrack master Huang Yinghua, to create together to create a sense of cultural heaviness and excellent music quality. “The difficulty of making the whole film has reached the most difficult level in the country.” Lin Yongchang said.

The film’s bold innovation rooted in Chinese traditional culture and sophisticated production standards have been recognized by the industry inside and outside the industry, and won the 24th Shanghai Film Festival Golden Goblet Award nomination for best animation. (End)